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  • Operation Back to School: nine students rewarded for their determination and perseverance at school

    As part of the 25th edition of Operation Back to School, the Chamber and its partners are pleased to award nine scholarships to high school students who have distinguished themselves at...
    Student Retention and Volunteering
  • Comment organiser le retour au bureau après la pandémie (In French only)

    Si de nombreux travailleurs rêvent du jour où ils pourront retourner au bureau, d’autres espèrent demeurer en télétravail. À quoi ressemblera le retour au travail après la COVID-19?
  • Redesign downtown Montréal first and foremost!

    Downtown areas are certainly the places where the pandemic has caused the greatest upheaval. Discover 7 proposals for regenerating these strategic spaces.
  • The alliance model: an emerging form of public-private partnership in Canada

    Learn about how the alliance project development model is much more than just a new approach to the delivery of complex infrastructure projects.
  • Higher Education, Vector of an Innovative Relaunch

    A look back at the strategic forum on higher education, co-developed with the Fonds de recherche du Québec.
    Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Le bonheur au travail est-il payant? (In French only)

    Si l’insatisfaction au travail peut avoir des conséquences sur les résultats de l’organisation, avoir des employés heureux peut-il, à l’inverse, avoir un effet positif sur ces derniers?
    Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Immersive experience for the business world

    We often talk about the immersive experience in a museum and artistic context, but today, this one is seducing the business world. Discover how!
    Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • International business: Remote canvassing

    Check out this article to learn about the steps involved in remote selling and our tips for successful virtual meetings.
    Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Les temps changent… et les leaders aussi ! (French only)

    Découvrez les caractéristiques qui font qu’on attribue à un individu les qualités d’un meneur. Ce sujet fascine, mais est loin d’avoir livré tous ses secrets.
  • 5 technology trends shaping tomorrow’s market today

    Discover 5 technology trends that will shape the future and essential steps leaders need to take to become masters of change in the new normality.
    Entrepreneurship and Innovation
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