Being an entrepreneur means knowing how to navigate in good weather as well as bad! Accompanied by passionate entrepreneurs at different stages in their growth, host Carl‑Edwin Michel touches on several crucial aspects of business in order to equip you to face challenges head-on! The podcast Entrepreneurship: The Great Expedition is intended for the business community, but particularly for anyone who is thinking about starting a business and has a lot of questions.

A podcast powered by the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal (Acclr), co-produced by CASACOM and hosted by Carl-Edwin Michel, Founder and CEO of Northern Arena.

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Horizon 1 | The business plan: Where to start?

Interview with Olivier Pellerin, President and Founder | DETEO

Before any expedition, you have to make a plan... Or, for those who really like adventure, you can make it up as you go along, as is the case for Olivier Pellerin, CEO and Founder of DETEO. An entrepreneur with a strong background as an architect and a seasoned traveller, with projects in the United States and France, and who even has an office in Spain, Olivier shares his anecdotes, his journey filled with pitfalls, and his reflections behind this plan, which are critical.

Horizon 2 | Financing: It’s possible!

Interview with Kim B. Deland, Former President and Development Director | Lithologie

Once you have a solid plan, you need to ensure that you have the resources it takes to carry out your expedition. What is the first major challenge that entrepreneurs face? Financing! Trained in industrial design and passionate about local stones and environmental issues, Kim B. Deland speaks about how her journey led her to product design and how she managed to secure the funds needed to fulfil her dream.

Horizon 3 | Business partners: For better or for worse...

Interview with Lindsay Lapaquette, Consultant and Workplace Communication Expert | Collaborative Solutions

Once the plan and the financing are in place, who will you take along with you on the adventure? Lindsay Lapaquette, a communication expert at the head of Collaborative Solutions, discusses the thorny issue of business partners. Her experience and advice based on the neuroscience of interpersonal communication will help you better manage your teams.

Horizon 4 | International: Think big!

Interview with Alexandre Santos, President and CEO | Santor Security

Once the expedition is well under way, why not head out to explore new horizons to keep your momentum going? For many adventurous entrepreneurs, the quest for the unknown in foreign territory can seem daunting. To understand this pivotal step, consider the journey of Alexandre Santos, CEO of Santor Security, whose company operates on every continent. Dare to think big!

Horizon 5 | E-commerce : La stratégie avant tout!

Interview with Kevin Gascoyne, Buyer and Taster | Camellia Sinensis

After hearing many exciting stories of entrepreneurs at different stages of their journey, there is still one more world to explore: that of online business. Meet Kevin Gascoyne, a tea tasting expert and co-owner of Camellia Sinensis. With his partners, he has transformed the company’s website into a full and intuitive experience, reflecting his passion for tea, which has driven him since his early days.

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