The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

During the past year, downtown Montréal has been hard hit by the pandemic. The lack of tourists, students, and workers has had a major impact on the commercial fabric of this highly strategic area for the city. The very real risk of its business base fracturing has been brought to the attention of private and public decision makers. The many calls for aid received, our surveys, the studies and consultations conducted as part of the metropolitan economic movement Relaunch MTL have all shed light on the tremendous vulnerability of downtown Montréal given the pandemic and health measures.

Against this backdrop, Quebec's Ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation has given the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal the mandate to contribute to the economic recovery of downtown Montréal.

What is the "I love working downtown" project?

In the spirit of inclusiveness and participation, the Chamber has introduced "I love working downtown" a platform for relaunching downtown that will be a catalyst for ambitious initiatives. This effort is designed to start a positive cycle of revitalization for downtown and create the conditions for its lasting recovery.

"I love working downtown" is designed for the rapid deployment of efforts to facilitate the return of workers downtown and increase traffic in the area, to benefit merchants, hotel owners, restaurant owners, cultural and creative organizations, and the entire commercial fabric of downtown.

The different initiatives complement efforts by the governments and the Ville de Montréal. These efforts extend over the next 12 to 16 months and respect health measures in effect.



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What initiatives are included in the "I love working downtown" project?

1- Return to office towers

2- Work space solution

3- Creative projects to enhance downtown as a place to work

4- Strengthening downtown and its business sectors

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