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The Accueillez un stagiaire program was created to encourage networking between professional training, college and university students and businesses of all sizes and activity sectors (including the health sector, excluding finance and public administration).

Grant of 75% of salary up to $7,500 until March 31, 2022

Program objective

  • To inform you of the resources and subsidies you can benefit from when hiring an intern

  • To facilitate the integration process

Five advantages of hiring an intern

1. Transferring their knowledge

2. Preparing the next generation

3. Lowering recruitment costs

4. Reducing training time

5.Moving forward with cases or developing new projects

Obtain the subsidy in three steps

Step 1

Application submission

  • Document: Beneficiary Information
  • Document: Student Agreement
  • Attestation of the educational institution
  • Copy of the internship contract

Step 2

Deposit of first payment

  • Signed subsidy agreement
  • Copy of the intern’s first pay stub
  • Company specimen cheque

Step 3

Deposit of second payment

  • Internship supervisor survey
  • Intern survey
  • Copy of the intern’s last pay stub

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