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The Mentoring Inc. program

In a context where there are many labour issues facing Montréal SMEs, it is imperative that they focus on employee retention and inclusion in the workplace. Inclusive mentoring is a solution of choice for all concerned, as it also allows workers from diverse backgrounds to develop their skills and potential.

This new program is open to all Montréal companies with 250 or fewer employees, regardless of their sector of activity.

Why join the program as a company?

  • To strengthen your company’s learning culture
  • To identify and support the next generation
  • To facilitate the onboarding of new employees
  • To increase the retention rate

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What is inclusive mentoring?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “mentoring”? Like most people, you probably think of an experienced person teaching their student their art. You’re not wrong, except that with inclusive mentoring, the concept is taken a step further.

Mentoring is used in many areas of society with a wide variety of applications to meet growing personal and professional development needs. In order for mentoring to occur, two actors are needed: a mentor (the experienced person) and a mentee (the learner). In addition to sharing their experience and knowledge, the mentor’s role is to foster the development of the mentee, who has skills and abilities to acquire and professional and personal goals to achieve. The mentoring relationship can range from a few weeks to a few years depending on the needs of the mentee or the characteristics of the mentoring program to which they belong.

Marianne Lefebvre, outgoing President of Mentorat Québec, recognizes that the initial impetus for many organizations to foster diversity and inclusion may be aimed at social justice. However, she says that in reality, companies that adopt a systematic approach toward diversity and inclusion have discovered that their diversity initiatives are a source of competitive advantage and growth.

In fact, McKinsey & Company, which has been collecting data on this subject since 2014, notes that in its sample, companies with high diversity representation had 36% higher profitability in 2019 than those with low diversity representation. Furthermore, an analysis of Statistics Canada data on 7,900 Canadian workplaces in 14 sectors reveals that a 1% increase in ethnocultural diversity is associated with increases of 2.4% in revenue and 0.5% in productivity.

It therefore makes sense that a company with a diverse workforce that feels included will have access to a range of approaches and perspectives that will make it more competitive and successful. These perspectives are all the more relevant for an increasingly diversified local (and global) market.

Description of the Mentoring Inc. program

The inclusive mentoring program of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal’s Acclr services assists companies in setting up mentoring programs and ensuring their success. Participating companies will be supported throughout the implementation of the program in order to take ownership of the solution. Companies that join this initiative have access to:

  • A tool to enhance the skills of and develop talent from underrepresented groups in the labour market
  • Turnkey, customized solutions exclusively for SMEs
  • The development, implementation and follow-up of a personalized action plan for the company and the employee

In addition to providing the company with the many benefits of inclusive mentoring, the implementation of the program is accessible and customized to the current employment reality. This is a great opportunity for building an organizational culture based on learning, development and knowledge transfer. The experts at Mentoring Inc. will guide you through each step of the program to ensure its success.

A winning program for your teams!

By implementing the Acclr Services Mentoring Inc. program in your organization, you will have the opportunity to address workforce challenges such as knowledge transfer, productivity, employee motivation, retention and succession planning, and also contribute to a positive corporate image.


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