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Membres benefit from an exclusif group insurance plan for SMEs.

  • Stable premiums
  • Financial fees 20% to 50% lower than the competition
  • NPO: surpluses stay in the plan and serve to lower your premiums

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The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal is:

  • Over 7,000 members
    Strong, committed, multi-sectoral membership.
  • 80% decision-makers
    Proportion of members holding a decision-making position in their company.
  • 150 activities per year
    Each year, over 20,000 people take part in our events.
  • Over 190 years of history
    A strategic player in our economic development for close to two centuries.
  • 120 experts at your service
    The Chamber of Commerce team works for your prosperity and for that of the city!

Become a member

5 Great Reasons to Become a Member of the Chamber

  • Expand your network
  • Learn and get informed
  • Gain visibility
  • Grow on the international market
  • Get involved to support the metropolitan area

Expand your network

  • Take advantage of more than 150 diversified networking events that cater to all types of needs every year
  • Network while discovering original Montréal locations
  • Attend member-only business meetings
  • Make the most out of pre-sale privileges for some of our events
  • Connect with buyers on the lookout for new products
  • Develop your network in other countries and conquer new markets
  • Draw inspiration from the experiences of other business people
  • Benefit from a 15-35% discount on event registration fees

Become a member

Learn and get informed

  • Expand your skills thanks to our workshops on the best business practices
  • Learn the basics of international trade with training offered by Acclr – Business Services
  • Let yourself get inspired by some of the greatest names on the political and economic scenes who share our prestigious rostrum
  • Visit our documentation centre to obtain strategic information
  • Take advantage of our forums to discuss strategic issues of scale
  • Discover new business opportunities in other countries
  • Gain better insight thanks to our various papers on major economic matters
  • Get to know the right resources to start your company and help it grow

Become a member

Gain visibility

  • Make your presence known in both the paper and digital versions of our member directory
  • Advertise special member offers for free on our website
  • Leverage our mailing service to send targeted offers to our 7,000 members
  • Discuss and network through social media on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages or on Twitter
  • Gain greater visibility by actively taking part in our events
  • Be featured on the participants lists handed out at certain targeted events
  • Take advantage of our sponsorship proposals

Become a member

Grow on the international market

  • Develop new markets with the help of Acclr’s team of international trade experts of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal
  • Attend training sessions where you will learn the basics of international trade
  • Take part in seminars on foreign business opportunities
  • Meet with international buyers intent on finding new business partners
  • Join a trade mission with our experts who will set up meetings perfectly suited to your needs
  • Have the necessary documents to export your products to certain countries certified

Become a member

Get involved to support the metropolitan area

  • Tell us about the challenges your company is facing
  • Take advantage of targeted initiatives focusing on various strategic issues that have bearing on the Montréal economy
  • Measure the impact of the Chamber of Commerce’s yearly participation in the pre-budget consultations led by all three levels of government
  • Read the different reports and studies conducted by the Chamber of Commerce to contribute to the development of the metropolitan area
  • Leverage our qualified immigrant labour welcome and integration programs
  • Benefit from our support programs aiming to encourage the use of French in SMEs
  • Help motivate high school students to stay in school
  • Get involved by volunteering in a nonprofit organization

Become a member

Member Testimonials

“Our membership allows us to support Herstreet ambassadors in their presentations at CCMM and also to expand our network of major partners. In 2017, these partnerships helped raise several thousand dollars for our relational health centre for homeless women. ”

“I have been a member of the CCMM for over five years. The Chamber helped me to build a solid network of contacts in the metropolitan area. This network laid the foundation of my now-successful company thanks to sales resulting from effective networking. It’s not just the members who help my company grow, but also the CCMM team, by allowing me to do business in several countries. Their networking events are among the best I have attended, and their trade missions are a structured way to discover foreign business opportunities.”

- Marc F. Adam
President and CEO

“After having participated in several networking events over the last two years, I can confidently say that those of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, of which I’ve been a member for nearly a year, are exceptional. This is primarily because of their excellent organization, but also the many members that make it a success. It’s the perfect place to develop business partnerships and, in my case, to help companies grow significantly on the Internet. I have participated in three highly dynamic Business Clan events during which it was a pleasure to discover new companies and present ours to a network of businesspeople.”

- Alek Delisle
Business Development Director

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