2022 Quebec Elections: The Chamber welcomes Dominique Anglade

On September 20, the Chamber welcomed Ms. Dominique Anglade, Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, as part of a series of talks in anticipation of the 2022 Quebec elections.

During September, the leaders of Quebec’s main political parties are presenting their proposals for the economic future of Quebec and Greater Montréal.

The labour crisis in Quebec

According to Dominique Anglade, the labour shortage in Quebec constitutes a crisis.

“The labour crisis is not good news. We have 270,000 vacant positions, and 190,000 people unemployed. ” – Dominique Anglade

She went on to argue that innovation and automation won’t fully solve the issue.

“We can robotize and automate all we want, but at the end of the day, there are people shortages everywhere. We need to see it as a priority, because it is having an impact on all of society.”

The party leader believes that the lack of spaces in daycares is contributing to the worker shortage and is a major step back for Quebec.

“Using a non-partisan approach, Pauline Marois allowed women to join the labour market. That was economic progress. Today, we are seeing a shift backward for women on the job market.”

Aid measures for the family and seniors to combat inflation

Dominique Anglade reiterated her party’s promise to reduce taxes for individuals.

“Quebecers need help, and it is the role of government to intervene. We have committed to returning an average of $5,000 to Quebec families.”

She also wants to introduce an allocation for seniors.

“Everything is increasing, except one thing: seniors’ income. Like the family allowance, we want to introduce an allowance for seniors of $2,000, which would be paid out every year. Everyone needs to be able to get through the inflation crisis.”

A major increase in immigration  

The Quebec Liberal Party believes the immigration issue is being exploited by politics.

“The immigration issue isn’t just a bureaucratic issue; it’s a political issue. Do we intend to accept more immigrants? It makes no sense that it takes longer than in Ontario. The process is slow in Quebec, and it just doesn’t make sense!”

Dominique Anglade also reiterated her promise to increase immigration thresholds to 70,000 new permanent residents annually.

“On immigration, we have a responsibility to elevate the debate. The future of Quebec means welcoming immigrants and extending our hands. We want a Quebec that thinks big and looks to the future.”

Tapping into green hydrogen to make the energy transition

The party leader would like the climate emergency to be perceived as an economic opportunity for the province.

“We can make the climate crisis win-win: a victory both environmentally and economically. 55% of what we consume is hydrocarbon. We can replace it.”

To make the energy transition, Dominique Anglade wants to introduce the ÉCO project, which uses green hydrogen to achieve carbon neutrality.

“We can’t electrify everything. This is why we need to have a technology to replace oil: green hydrogen. We need to have a vision of collective transformation.”

As a reminder, the Chamber unveiled the priorities of Montréal’s businesses in August.

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