Outsourcing payroll management, a strategic and secure choice


When it comes to managing payroll, employers have many options. One option is to outsource all or some of their employee payroll management to a payroll service provider who will take on the role of paying employees and producing pay slips. The service provider will also calculate deductions at source and remit amounts due to government agencies. This solution reduces the likelihood of errors and ensures that employees benefit from receiving accurate and timely pay.

There are many advantages to such a business partnership. In addition to meeting the organizational needs of the company, the payroll service provider ensures payroll compliance and the security of the data processed.

Labour shortages and securing your payroll

Given current labour shortages, it is not unheard of for businesses to have difficulty retaining their expertise in payroll management. Unfortunately, this issue contributes to growing insecurity for both entrepreneurs and their staff. This shortage should persist for the next few years. According to the Ministère du Travail, de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale, more than 1.4 million jobs will need to be filled by 2026 1.

Although resources may be lacking, payroll management remains necessary. Entrusting this complicated administrative task to an expert in the field could prove beneficial for businesses.

By outsourcing payroll calculations, deductions, and remittances, an employer and its in-house payroll team save a considerable amount of time, allowing them to dedicate themselves fully to growing the business. Furthermore, contracting out payroll management minimizes errors.

Payroll Compliance

Employers know that errors in payroll can be problematic and result in penalties. By working with a service provider who stays up to date on the various legislative changes, employers benefit from year-round support and peace of mind, while guaranteeing payroll compliance for its clients.

At times, these numerous changes can become a challenge for organizations to urgently adapt to complex situations. The pandemic is a good example; according to the National Payroll Institute (NPI) 2, there were 239 separate government announcements (federal, provincial, and territorial) between March 15, 2020, and August 24, 2020. Each of these had a different impact on the payroll system of Canadian businesses and, as a Canadian payroll provider, Nethris had to rapidly conform to each of these new or modified regulations.

Due to the regulations and standards that are in place, payroll management is a complex field. Turning to a specialist can be the answer to the lack of understanding that is sometimes expressed by employers regarding payroll processing. It can also ensure accuracy and prevent costly delays.

Information security

Payroll management involves dealing with the management of sensitive and confidential data. Given the recurrence of cybersecurity threats, protecting this information is crucial for businesses. By outsourcing their payroll, employers benefit from state-of-the-art infrastructure, as well as monitoring and security systems adapted to current standards and regulations.

Certifications exist to ensure a high level of data protection security. Nethris has received the ISO 27001 certification, the international standard for information security risk management. Although this certification is not mandatory, it is an indicator of the level of confidence that one can have in its service.

Changes related to Bill 25 in Quebec rest on the desire to adapt existing laws to new technological realities in order to protect individuals by making organizations accountable for the protection and sharing of personal information. Nethris therefore continuously seeks to adapt to these changes to remain compliant with all current laws and regulations.

Automation of processes

Entrusting the processing of your payroll to a service provider specialized in the field optimizes your resources and allows for the automation of your business’s processes. It offers customized tools that simplify payroll and offer human capital management functionalities, all of which are an integral part of business management that revolve around payroll processing.

Automating payroll activities saves you from completing tasks that you would rather skip. A payroll service provider can offer companies valuable resources through complementary solutions that help organizations to focus on their core business and contribute to improving their efficiency.

In conclusion, this business relationship is one based on trust, as the client relies on the year-round support provided by the service provider. This support is not only for occasional problems, but especially available for all the obligations incumbent on businesses, which in turn contributes to the confidence that employees have in terms of how their payroll is managed.

Christine Tremblay
Vice-president, Consulting Delivery Nethris
CGI Payroll Service Centre

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2. CPA-Cost-of-Compliance-Report-Final-Draft-(web).pdf (payroll.ca)

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