A solution for advertising and finding downtown office space

Do you have surplus office space? Or are you looking to establish your business in downtown Montréal? Maybe you’re meant to work together!

As part of its “I love working downtown” initiative, the Chamber has developed a technological solution aimed at providing direct support to businesses in managing their work spaces, increasing the occupancy rate of downtown offices, enhancing the supply of shared workspaces in the downtown area and encouraging synergies between companies of complementary sizes, functions and sectors.

Don’t wait any longer! Find out about the numerous advantages this platform has to offer.

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For businesses that rent or own office space downtown or that are looking for office space

Discover the main features of this new platform by following this virtual webinar, which was recorded on May 6.

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Why Espaces et cie?

Espaces et cie was created in response to the issues raised in our most recent study on a major and decisive issue in the relaunch of the downtown area: the management of surplus office space in downtown Montréal.

The study entitled “Office space in downtown Montréal: How to create synergies and attract new businesses” documents the needs of businesses, the amount of surplus office space, the effectiveness of the processes in place and the opportunities in the real estate sector that can be leveraged to facilitate the transition to new ways of working.


  • The implementation of hybrid work models, which was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, led to an initial decrease in the number of people who work downtown every day. As a result, there was a decrease in spending in the businesses located there.
  • Our scenarios suggest that the new ways of working will also result in an initial decline in demand for office space in square feet.
  • This shock will be partly absorbed by economic growth, the arrival of new businesses and greater agility in the office space rental and subletting market.

Based on these findings, the Chamber has launched Espaces et cie, an evolving pilot project, at a crucial time for businesses, which are preparing their employees for a return to the office or are thinking about their new way of working.

For more information, see the highlights of this study and the Chamber’s recommendations for employers and office space tenants and owners.

Download the study (In French only)

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About “ I love working downtown”: A Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal initiative

Carried out with support from the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation, the “I love working downtown” initiative aims to implement measures to accelerate the relaunch of downtown Montréal.

As part of the initiative:

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