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Work itself has been reinvented; now let’s reinvent the return to work.

With workers returning to downtown, we have an opportunity to rethink how we do things as we reclaim our spaces. Let’s make downtown a fun place to be for the workers who are there every day. Let’s give ourselves a break from the daily routine, so that returning to the office is not just going back to the way things were.

As part of the “I love working downtown ” initiative, the Chamber is proud to present a program of eight free creative and sensory experiences! Designed by local artists and creators, the installations and activities entice colleagues, friends and partners to enjoy time together during a break in their workday.

Plan and reserve your next fun time now!




Photo credit : Canadiens de Montréal

Generations of Greatness

Promoters: Montréal Canadiens, LNDMRK and Lumenpulse

This urban mural on a brick wall permanently commemorates Montréal’s hockey history, demonstrating the game’s cultural significance. This massive mural will also be technologically enhanced using light installations and special light effects.

Permanent installation

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Photo credit : Ulysse Lemerise

Holographic Garden – The Other Side of the Screen

Promoters: Collectif Escargo and Multicolore

This installation, Holographic Garden – The Other Side of the Screen, consists of an open structure overlooking an urban garden. The structure is made of shimmering, colourful materials designed to create holographic effects, with local plant life adding the final touch. 

Open until August 10, 2022

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Photo credit : Daily tous les jours

Eating Voices

Promoters: Daily tous les jours & Nicolas Fonseca

Whether for lunch, happy hour or a special team dinner, Food Sessions gives people returning downtown for work the opportunity to experience something new at this neighbourhood favourite for foodies.

Open until December 16, 2022

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Photo credit : Thierry Du Bois

Festival Art Souterrain XL

Promoter: Art Souterrain

Thanks to support from the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, the Festival Art Souterrain will have an unusual format. It will offer visitors more to see and experience in the underground city, showcasing imposing creations and a larger selection of artists, exploring the theme of diversity and inclusion.

Open until June 30, 2022

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Photo credit : Moment Factory


Promoter: Moment Factory

Moment Factory creates games using elements from team sports and interactive games, and provides a spot for downtown workers to meet and rekindle their collaborative spirit. 

Open until June 23, 2022

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Photo credit : Félix Audette

Les Espaces temps

Promoter: Complexe Desjardins

Workers will reconnect with their community in immersive new variations on co-working spaces. These spaces will stop time, letting visitors meet up with co-workers for a coffee break or enjoy some quiet time alone.

Open until September 30, 2022

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nrml bskt

Promoter: Harrison Fun

Harrison Fun provides us with an accessible, stimulating and beautiful playground celebrating basketball. Located downtown, this space will provide players with an impressive, memorable and unique court with smart features, and a chance to take part in sports challenges.

Open until September 22, 2022

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Photo credit: Claude Cormier + Associés

Animation and art installation project at Place Ville Marie

Promoter: Ivanhoé Cambridge

Helping generate buzz about our city and making it more attractive and exciting, this signature project for Montréal will have a monumental impact on the community—benefiting workers, residents, merchants and tourists alike. 

Permanent installation

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