Centre-tenir is a podcast series that explores strategic business and economic development issues for Montréal. It was launched in 2022 in the context of a weakening downtown economy, linked to the pandemic and work reorganization.

Centre-tenir features leaders and experts who talk about their commitment to contributing to the vitality of Montréal and its downtown core, with a particular focus on the transition to a green economy.

Cities play a decisive role in fighting and adapting to climate change. This is due to a number of factors, including the density of the population, businesses and economic activity specific to large cities and their downtown areas.

There’s a strong consensus in Montréal: business people want to get involved, they understand the importance of the private sector taking action to decarbonize and protect the environment.

Against this backdrop, the Chamber and BMO Financial Group joined forces with a number of partners to roll out convertgence, an impact initiative helping businesses transition to sustainability. The spirit of convertgence is that “we make better progress together.” So, it’s collective climate action.

This podcast series offers inspiring and unexpected insights into solutions that are within our reach to achieve carbon neutrality.

The Centre-tenir podcast is produced as part of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal’s “I love working downtown” initiative, with the support of the Québec government.

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Podcast 11: Meet Karim Zaghib: a world-class battery pioneer (in French only)

Join us for an inspiring discussion with Karim Zaghib, Professor of Chemical Engineering at Concordia University, CEO of Volt-age, and a leading figure in battery technology. Hosted by Jessica Bouchard, Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, this talk explores Karim’s major contributions to battery research and his crucial role in the development of the battery industry in Quebec. Hear the fascinating story of a visionary who propelled Quebec among the energy transition world leaders.

Podcast 10: Titre: Impact investing and green technologies – how is Montréal positioned? (in French only)

What is impact investing? What changes to our economy should we anticipate with the fight against climate change? This episode addresses changes occurring in finance, philanthropy, and green technology investment. A discussion with Catherine Bérubé, Partner at Cycle Capital, and Karel Mayrand, President and CEO of the Foundation of Greater Montréal and President of the Montréal Climate Partnership, hosted by Jessica Bouchard, Vice-President, Public and Economic Affairs and Impact Initiatives at the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal.

Podcast 9: The race to decarbonize: an innovative model in action in Montréal to accelerate the energy transition (in French only)

Because the path to full decarbonization of campuses is uncharted, Concordia’s PLAN/NET-ZERØ calls for experimentation. It will reduce overall energy consumption and transform the university into a veritable laboratory for sectors such as electrification, battery science, cybersecurity, smart buildings and artificial intelligence. A talk with Stéphane Chayer, Strategic Advisor to the President of Concordia University and PLAN/NET ZERØ, and Jessica Bouchard, ice-President, Public Affairs and Economic and Impact Initiatives at the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

Podcast 8: How a financial institution is supporting businesses in their green transition (in French only)

convertgence around a financial institution that is supporting its clients in their transition and decarbonization. Discussion between Grégoire Baillargeon, President, BMO Financial Group Quebec, and Jessica Bouchard, Vice-President, Public Affairs and Economic and Impact Initiatives at the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal.

Podcast 7 | Responsible Densification: Ideal Conditions for Sustainable Housing in Montreal (In French only)

Discussion with Michel Leblanc and Laurence Vincent, hosted by Pascale Nadeau

At a time when the climate emergency forces us to rethink how we do things, developing residential housing that meets our current needs and those of future generations is vital. In this new episode, Michel Leblanc, President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal and Laurence Vincent, President of Prével, discuss the ideal conditions for building sustainable neighbourhoods where mobility and the use of available space is reimagined for the well-being of residents and visitors.

Podcast 6 | Model projects in downtown Montréal: How to design green and sustainable collaborative spaces (In French only)

Discussion with Clément Demers and Mélanie Glorieux, hosted by Pascale Nadeau

Downtown Montréal boasts several exemplary infrastructure projects that are an integral part of our daily lives. The downtown area is reinventing itself and so is our relationship with this space. What makes exceptional design projects successful and how do you create green collaborative spaces that capitalize on their environment? Clément Demers, architect and urban planner with a remarkable career, and Mélanie Glorieux, landscape architect and partner at Rousseau Lefebvre, share with us the keys to success for signature projects that focus on their firm establishment in the area, services to the community and respect for nature.

Podcast 5 | Downtown Montréal’s thriving cultural, creative and gastronomic scene (In French only)

Discussion with Marie-Josée Desrochers, Dyan Solomon and Jessica Bouchard, hosted by Pascale Nadeau

Downtown Montréal is a true playground for culture, arts, entertainment, food and much more! How does the cultural, creative and gastronomic heart of Montréal stand out? What makes this dynamic sector that welcomes thousands of visitors every day thrive? Marie-Josée Desrochers, President and CEO of the Société de la Place des Arts, Dyan Solomon, co-owner of the renowned café-restaurant Olive et Gourmando, as well as Foxy and Caffe Un Po’ Di Piu, and Jessica Bouchard, Senior Director, Content Strategy, Economic Affairs and Downtown Relaunch at the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, discuss their passions and the elements that make downtown Montréal’s iconic venues so successful.

Podcast 4 | Training and supporting the next generation in a new work reality (In French only)

Discussion with Annie Bissonnette and Maude Brouillette, hosted by Pascale Nadeau.

The professional ambitions of the up-and-coming generation are shaping the future of the labour market. Many have expressed a desire to be surrounded by the right people and have access to exciting growth opportunities in their careers. What solutions are available to managers to support the development of the next generation while facing the challenges of an increasingly competitive job market when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent? Annie Bissonnette, Co-President of La tête chercheuse, and Maude Brouillette, Director, Public Partnerships and Cultural Industries for the CH Groupe’s Équipe Spectra, share their experiences to guide managers and young professionals in this new working dynamic.

Podcast 3 | Rethinking your office to make it more than just a place to work (In French only)

Discussion with Jean Philippe Gauthier and Valérie Soucy, hosted by Pascale Nadeau

The office needs to reinvent itself. Amidst a generalized reorganization of work, several new trends are pushing us to rethink the future of our work spaces. During this transformative period, one question stands out: what are the success factors for creating optimized collaborative spaces that enable a hybrid work environment? Jean Philippe Gauthier, Head of Platforms and Digital Marketing Transformation at Google, and Valérie Soucy, associate architect at LEMAYMICHAUD, discuss trends to watch, including having flexible workspaces, integrating art and reconfiguring offices.

Podcast 2 | Well-being at work in the hybrid era (In French only)

Discussion with Dr. Nicolas Chevrier and Valentina De Castris, hosted by Pascale Nadeau

Out of concern for their employees’ well-being at work, businesses are implementing new measures to meet the needs of their teams. After two years of profound changes in the working world, many managers and leaders are looking for solutions to promote well-being at work. How do we maximize employee well-being as hybrid work becomes the norm? Dr. Nicolas Chevrier, a psychologist and President of Services Psychologiques Séquoia, and Valentina De Castris, Vice-President of Strategic Partnerships at Dialogue, lend their expertise to shed light on this subject.

Podcast 1: Telework and office presence: finding a balance and engaging teams (in French only)

Discussion with Michel Leblanc and Ève Giard, hosted by Pascale Nadeau

Many managers and employers are wondering about the most effective practices to facilitate employees’ return to the office and encourage collaboration between teams. How can we balance the need for face-to-face team building with the flexibility offered by hybrid work? Michel Leblanc, President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, and Ève Giard, Executive Vice-President, Talent and Performance at the Caisse de dépôt et placements du Québec, answer these pressing questions.

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