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The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

Organizing the return to work over the last year has been a major challenge. To help businesses, managers and employees face this new reality, the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal launched the Centre-tenir podcast. It features a series of experts weighing in on real issues to give listeners a better understanding of the latest trends in the business world and help them invest their energy in the right places.

The podcast, hosted by Pascale Nadeau, a renowned journalist and news anchor, highlights the expertise of managers, employees and experts in order to take stock of the latest workforce trends in the business community and best practices to adopt.

The Centre-tenir podcast is produced as part of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal’s “I love working downtown” initiative, with the support of the Québec government.

Listen to our episodes now!

Podcast 1: Telework and office presence: finding a balance and engaging teams (in French only)

Discussion with Michel Leblanc and Ève Giard, hosted by Pascale Nadeau

Many managers and employers are wondering about the most effective practices to facilitate employees’ return to the office and encourage collaboration between teams. How can we balance the need for face-to-face team building with the flexibility offered by hybrid work? Michel Leblanc, President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, and Ève Giard, Executive Vice-President, Talent and Performance at the Caisse de dépôt et placements du Québec, answer these pressing questions.

Podcast 2 | Well-being at work in the hybrid era (In French only)

Discussion with Dr. Nicolas Chevrier and Valentina De Castris, hosted by Pascale Nadeau

Out of concern for their employees’ well-being at work, businesses are implementing new measures to meet the needs of their teams. After two years of profound changes in the working world, many managers and leaders are looking for solutions to promote well-being at work. How do we maximize employee well-being as hybrid work becomes the norm? Dr. Nicolas Chevrier, a psychologist and President of Services Psychologiques Séquoia, and Valentina De Castris, Vice-President of Strategic Partnerships at Dialogue, lend their expertise to shed light on this subject.

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