The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

Why participate in the program?

  • To have the opportunity to expand your network and meet both professionals and employers in your sector.
  • To receive support which complements the services provided by employment assistance organizations.
  • To learn about emerging job search tools.
  • To access privileged information regarding the job market.
  • To be part of a pool of applicants on a virtual matching platform that employers can access at any time.

Eligibility criteria

  • Canadian citizens, Canadian citizens born abroad, permanent residents, temporary foreign workers or individuals with a protected person status, such as refugees, people who are underrepresented in the labour market due to their age, belonging to a cultural community or Indigenous, a disability, gender diversity or sexual orientation.
  • Residents of the Island of Montréal.
  • Unemployed or underemployed individuals who are ready and willing to work in the short term.

Create and use your preparatory pathway to find a job

Candidates must participate in all of the program's preparatory and group activities.

Preparatory pathway

1 Preparatory workshops

Welcome and presentation

+This first activity will allow you to visualize the pathway proposed for you, understand the objective of each component and familiarize yourself with our virtual platform.

Video application

+This dynamic training session gives you an understanding of the importance of digital branding in Québec's labour market and helps you to develop a catchy pitch and perfect your persuasion skills.

2Joint activities with companies

HR practices workshop

+This workshop invites you to reassess the employment search process in the context of the pandemic and allows you to establish valuable dialogue with human resources professionals in your sector. These discussions will cover can-do attitudes, plurality within the hiring process and employer expectations.

Sectoral conference

+Find out everything you need to know about your sector! During the conference, actors from various industries and businesses will share their realities and challenges and the perspectives and opportunities available to you.

Express mentoring

+Benefit from the support of a mentor and advice from an expert on relaunching your career in Québec.

3Matchmaking event

Virtual recruitment

+Organized in the form of speed interviews, this event will allow you to showcase your skills to company representatives looking for a professional profile like yours. At the end of the speed interview session, the companies that select your candidacy will be able to integrate you into their usual organizational hiring process.

With the financial participation of:

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