The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

Why participate in the program?

  • To have free and continuous access to a new pool of candidates.
  • To promote your employer brand.
  • To network with other businesses and share diversity and inclusion best practices.
  • To experiment with emerging recruiting tools.

Create and use your preparatory pathway to find a qualified employee

As a business representative, you can choose the group activities you wish to participate in.

Preparatory pathway

1Preparatory workshops

Sector portrait

+Take this opportunity to take a fresh look at your staffing practices, define your labour needs.

Inclusive workplace practices

+Take part in this co-construction workshop aimed at sharing and adopting good staffing practices in an intercultural context. Carefully consider practices and identify new and concrete courses of action adapted to your reality.

2Group activities with professionals belonging to groups underrepresented in the labour market

HR practices workshop

+ Participate in this workshop and share your expertise with professionals from diverse backgrounds. This activity in the form of round-table conferences gives you the opportunity to establish valuable dialogue with candidates who are eager to benefit from your knowledge. Share information regarding the provincial and sectoral reality of hiring processes and let them know which professional approaches are most effective.

Sectoral conference

+Take part in this activity aimed at presenting the realities, challenges and perspectives of your sector. This event in the form of mini conferences will allow you to share your organizational reality and promote your employer brand among 40 or so job seekers.

Express mentoring:

+Become a mentor and help a professional belonging to a group underrepresented in the labour market to relaunch their career in Québec thanks to your expertise and experience.

3Matchmaking event

Virtual recruitment

+Meet with candidates who align with your labour needs! This event in the form of speed interviews allows you to briefly interview a range of qualified professionals who are aware of your sectoral reality.
Continuous access

Video application bank

+Benefit from special access to a bank of candidates that is regularly updated.

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