Candidates: How to succeed in an interview

You managed to get an interview. This is an opportunity to go beyond your CV, proving you have the skills required for the job and that your personality is the right fit for the organization. Now, will you be able to answer these four questions?

Why are you the right person for the job?

When preparing for your interview, take a look at the job offer in order to truly get a feel for what the organization’s needs are when it comes to the position you are seeking. They are clearly indicated in the “Required skills” section. The idea is to confirm each of the elements by going further than what you have already stated in writing. Support your arguments with concrete examples.

Why do you want to work for this organization?

Do you know the company you want to work for? Visit its website to learn about its products or services and to gain an understanding of its mission and values. Also take a look at the “Press” section on the organization’s website, and carry out searches on Google News and on social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) to put yourself in a position to be able to demonstrate your knowledge of the company’s recent activities. You can also take the extra step of subscribing to the company’s social media feeds.

Emploi-Québec’s Information sur le marché du travail website is also a very useful search tool. It has statistics on average salaries and job prospects per profession, among other practical information, which can help you when making your salary request.

Do you know where you’re going?

– You want to make sure to go to the right place and be relaxed for your interview. Get directions well ahead of time. This seemingly trivial step can actually be a critical one, since arriving late may be perceived as a lack of respect towards the person you are meeting and can show that you are unprepared. If an unforeseen delay arises while on your way to the interview, make sure to call to explain why you will be late.

Key addresses:

STM Azimut:
Google Maps: use the “street view” option to see the building

Do you have anything in common with people on the team?

Take a look at the LinkedIn profiles for the people you may get to meet at the interview or on the job. This can help give your presentation a more personal touch. You may find a few things you have in common with the people to whom you will be speaking. Did you study at the same university? Perhaps you play the same sport? Getting a look at the faces of your future colleagues can also make them seem more familiar, and can alleviate some of your stress during the interview.

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