Recruiting in French: Three advantages for businesses and their employees

The Charter of the French Language imposes requirements on businesses. It can be hard to know where to start, particularly when it comes to recruiting. But there are many advantages for businesses to recruit in French. Here are three for you to consider.

1- Complying with the requirements of the Charter of the French Language

Did you know that job postings in Quebec must be at least in French? You can use one or more additional languages, but the French announcement must take precedence.


  1. This obligation is set against the backdrop of French being a minority language in North America.
  2. In 1974, the Bill 22, the Official Language Act, sponsored by the Québec Liberal government of Robert Bourassa, made French the official language of Quebec.
  3. It confers language rights to workers and consumers, in addition to imposing requirements on businesses for the use of French at every level, including for work tools, employee communications, and the recruitment process.
  4. When recruiting, employers are required to draft and publish job postings as well as application forms in French.

Recruiting in French is more than just an asset for your business: it is a requirement under the Charter.

2- Reaching more candidates

According to a report on the evolution of the linguistic situation in the province, 94% of Quebecers can converse in French in addition to the language spoken in their personal lives.

Given this, a French job posting reaches more potential candidates.

It should be noted that an insufficient knowledge of a language other than French at work is not a valid reason for dismissing, laying off, or demoting an employee or assigning them to other duties.

3- Improve you company’s performance

Recruiting in French also reduces economic risks related to business productivity. With the majority of the population of Quebec fluent in French, discussing, negotiating an employee contract or working in French:

  1. leads to a better understanding of what is expected from the candidate
  2. limits mistakes
  3. makes employees more vigilant
  4. fosters initiative and productivity

By recruiting and working with employees in French, the organization creates an environment that fosters employee satisfaction, strengthens their feeling of belonging, and ensures they are retained.

Ultimately, while recruiting in French is a requirement under the Charter of the French Language, it has many advantages for companies.

Consult good linguistic practices in the workplace and tools available to help strengthen the use of French in your workplace and with your employees.

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