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The Chamber’s membership department is pleased to offer you a networking event that enables you to exchange ideas with a group of professionals and entrepreneurs focused on your business offering.

With a satisfaction rate of over 85%,1 here is why this activity is so successful:

  • Matching with business people from different fields, not competitive to yours
  • Guaranteed five minutes for each participant to introduce themselves and demonstrate their product or service
  • Presence of an expert from the Chamber assigned to your group to promote discussion between group members
  • Versatility on the deployment of the activity, in face-to-face or virtual mode


During the event, you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with:

  • Executives and senior management
  • Managers and members of management
  • Sales and business development managers
  • Professionals looking to create or expand business opportunities
  • Self-employed workers

Here’s what our past participants liked most about this networking event:

  • “The time allotted to each participant makes it easy to gain a clear understanding of their offer.”
  • “The small number of participants means we can have more personal exchanges.”
  • “The willingness of each participant to help the others and not just sell themselves!”
  • “The diversity of participants at the networking session.”
  • “Discovering new service or solution offers that are relevant to my business.”
  • “The opportunity to talk business with people I wouldn’t normally have met.”
  • “The quality of the discussions I had with people from different fields.”

1 Satisfaction rate, as expressed by participants of the 2019–2020 season on the format of this online networking event.

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