The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

Additional medical insurance

Covers up to 100% of expenses not covered by the provincial plan: prescription drugs, paramedical services, vision care, emergency travel insurance, medical equipment and supplies.

Disability insurance

Disability insurance allows your employees to benefit from financial assistance in the event of short- or long-term illness.

Critical illness insurance

In the event they become seriously ill and are unable to work, critical illness insurance allows your employees to handle medical costs, daily living expenses, and more.

Dental insurance

Dental insurance helps your employees and their families cover the costs of basic or major care.

Employee assistance program

This program is designed to help employees deal with problems before they escalate and become an issue at work.

Group retirement solutions

You can design a group retirement savings plan for your company and your employees.

Access to the my-benefits health® portal

All employees have easy access to tools and resources on health and wellness.

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