The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

Chinatown: A renewed approach to preserve the architectural signature of an emblematic part of Montréal

The Chamber is pleased to submit a brief entitled Quartier chinois : une approche révisée pour préserver la signature architecturale d’un lieu emblématique de Montréal as part of consultations for changes to the Plan d’urbanisme dans le secteur du Quartier chinois de l’arrondissement de Ville-Marie (Ville-Marie borough Chinatown development plan).

Major buildings and heritage symbols in Chinatown are essential strategic assets to the city’s identity and influence. These sites are also keepers of traditional communities and cultures that have shaped the history of Montréal.

We therefore support the efforts of the Ville de Montréal to help protect and promote Chinatown. We recommend conferring receive heritage status on the entire site and implementing a heritage requalification mixed fund to support real estate development that respects the existing architectural signature.

Consult the brief (in French only)

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