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International strategy and ORPEX: a winning combination for your expansion outside Quebec

Short on time and in-house staff to launch your export project? In need of ongoing support directly within your company to carry out your project successfully? You have something in common with Energeyser – a fictitious organization that specializes in converting steam to energy and that will serve as an example to guide you to the right resources.

What are the options available to this company and to yours for developing markets or optimizing your international presence? Focus only on the activities that generate wealth for your organization by outsourcing part of your export operations with our ORPEX.

Benefit from customized support to position your company internationally

With so many tools and resources available, finding the information that is useful and tailored to your business goals can easily become a daunting challenge. Fortunately, this is precisely one of the roles played by the regional export promotion organizations (ORPEX). Their mission is to support SMEs in their internationalization efforts, whether they want to develop and optimize a new market or are newly opening up to the idea of exporting.

With the personalized consulting service of our ORPEX, a precise game plan adapted to Energeyser’s needs can be put in place to take stock of the company as a whole and put an end to tactics carried out in silos. As a part of this internationalization assistance network, our experienced team can provide guidance in several sectors of activity.

By contacting the ORPEX, Energeyser can:

  • Be matched with an International Business Commissioner who cares about the success of Energeyser’s project. Whether it is by taking advantage of the customized support or by being redirected to other CCMM resources, Energeyser is provided with a path forward adapted to its needs as well as with dedicated support.
  • Meet with international trade specialists who will take stock of the company’s operations and its project in order to lay a solid foundation for its export strategy.
  • Be supported throughout the process, no matter what stage the company is at in its export project. If, for example, Energeyser already has a business plan or a competitive market analysis, its managers can instead take advantage of our ORPEX’s support to search for financing or identify key partners.
  • Ask the right questions (and get help finding the answers):
    • How can it adapt its value proposition (competition, positioning, etc.)?
    • Which entry strategy should it choose (direct sales or distribution partners)?
    • Is the origin of its product clear (rules of origin and control of the production chain)?
    • How to finance its exports?
    • And many more!

Strengthen your internationalization with appropriate training and activities

Energeyser’s export issues are specific to the energy industry and include manufacturing and sustainable development matters. For its international expansion strategy, there is the possibility of exploring new markets through trade missions (individual or in groups organized by industry and/or geographic location).

The energy company’s managers can also put all the odds in their favour by honing, for example, their negotiation skills or their knowledge of the circular economy and U.S. customs. Virtual sales pitches, business networking, intellectual property by geographic area and more: these are some of the resources available to Energeyser through its International Business Commissioner!

Our expert team understands and adapts to the different realities of businesses, while benefiting from Acclr’s rich ecosystem to find relevant solutions tailored to each company’s needs. For example, would Energeyser benefit from hiring more talent to accommodate the anticipated change in the production rate? Our ORPEX can direct the company to the right tools and training.

Move quickly into action – without compromising your preparedness

Among the types of assistance available for international development, the Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) might also be a good fit for Energeyser.

By being part of a mixed or thematic cohort (manufacturing or technology sectors, creative and cultural industries, etc.), the company can shift its export project into high gear in just eight weeks. Our experts, specialized in marketing, finance and logistics, will help you think things through and set up an international business plan.

How does TAP help in a concrete way to address the various export challenges?

  • By building your road map internally
  • By anticipating the risks (customs, financial, legal, etc.)
  • By structuring your business strategy
  • By helping to find financing
  • And much more

Develop new markets: the world is within your reach!

By stepping into the vast ecosystem of tools, training and services that Acclr offers through our personalized consulting service (ORPEX), Energeyser can find the right answers to its questions. The result? Its export process is simplified, as the company benefits from the support of specialists with complementary expertise – in addition to finding its solutions in one place.

To develop your business internationally with peace of mind, contact us!

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