Loto-Québec: Innovation and simplicity at the heart of a new vision

On November 10, the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal welcomed Jean-François Bergeron, President and Chief Executive Officer of Loto-Québec, for his first speech since taking office in May 2021.

In front of nearly 200 guests gathered at the Centre Sheraton Montréal, Mr. Bergeron took the opportunity to recall Loto-Québec’s mission and his vision for this large government corporation, based on simplicity.

50 years of entertainment for Loto-Québec

While Loto-Québec was unable to celebrate its 50th anniversary due to the pandemic, Mr. Bergeron was keen to take stock of the company and its achievements and, above all, to show how the organization has been constantly changing since its inception in order to optimize its benefits for Québec.

Mr. Bergeron painted a complete picture of Loto-Québec’s history before the assembled guests, from the first legal lottery in Québec in 1970 to the reopening of its casinos following the pandemic, the legalization of video lotteries and the arrival of online gaming.

“We need to constantly review and adapt the entertainment offering for customers.”

Mr. Bergeron also emphasized that Loto-Québec will continue its efforts to address illegal gambling, a phenomenon that has grown with the industry’s technological shift. In addition, to meet the growing demand, Loto-Québec wishes to improve its online gaming offer.

“We have to keep doing better. Loto-Québec is determined to compete with illegal gambling businesses.”

Simplicity: The key to success

Loto-Québec is not immune to the challenges associated with the end of the crisis and the arrival of new technologies. According to Mr. Bergeron, Loto-Québec will have to offer a connected experience based on the integration of artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

The key to navigating these new realities, according to Bergeron, is simplicity. This simplicity will be at the heart of Loto-Québec’s vision and will be reflected in its internal processes, its service offering and its financial performance.

“Simplicity brings transparency, clarity, adaptability and performance.”

Loto-Québec, a dual-purpose company

Mr. Bergeron wrapped up his speech by reminding his audience that Loto-Québec is a company with a dual purpose—entertainment and making a social contribution—and that the balance between the two is essential.

“With Loto-Québec, all Quebecers win.”

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