Veolia presents its sustainable mobility solutions

Veolia has been operating in the environmental sector since 1853, and sustainable mobility is central to its concerns. The company, which has over 100 employees in downtown Montréal, got on board with the Employers take action for sustainable mobility program in 2017 to offer its employees a range of travel options

Sustainable mobility to get around downtown

With four places of business downtown, Veolia wanted to encourage employees to get to work without using their car.

"Driving downtown is a source of stress, delay and frustration, not to mention the cost. It is actually the slowest way to get around downtown. In traffic, someone on a bike or on foot gets around faster than any driver."

- Philippe Blain, Vice-President, M&C, East Canada.

This is why the company built a new sustainable mobility program and launched an awareness-raising campaign through internal communication platforms to inform employees of the possibilities available to them for getting to work or travelling between sites. The campaign ended with a day during which company representatives promoting different modes of transportation (public transit, carpooling, biking, etc.) made presentations and provided information to encourage employees to use their services.

Subsidized transit passes

To encourage employees to use public transit, Veolia subsidizes transit passes – a contribution that can make all the difference. Employees receive two free months on an annual STM or exo pass. The initiative has been a clear success, with 71% of employees taking advantage of it!

"With a subsidized public transit pass, public transit has become a great option. Once employees have a pass, they use public transit more and make it a daily habit, not to mention the ripple effect it creates among their colleagues."

- Philippe Blain, Vice-President, M&C, East Canada.

A program in Veolia’s DNA

Veolia’s program is directly tied to its environmental values and mission, which is “resourcing the world.” It enables employees to carry out the company’s mission and increase their feeling of belonging.

"We hire people who care about the environment just as much as we do! For our employees, this sustainable mobility awareness-raising campaign offered positive reinforcement and promotion. It is a great program we can all get behind, which also positions us as a leading employer and allows us to attract candidates who are interested in our environmental awareness, which is made concrete through this employee benefit."

- Philippe Blain, Vice-President, M&C, East Canada.

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