The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

A few important dates in our history

1822: City merchants found the Committee of Trade.

1857: The organization sets about dredging the St. Lawrence River and building port facilities able to handle ships with a large tonnage.

1863: The Committee of Trade founds the Port Warden's Office and the Corn Exchange.

1887: 135 merchants found the Chambre de commerce du district de Montréal, which pushes for improved railroad connections in the metropolitan region.

1892: The Chambre proposes the creation of the École des hautes études commerciales (HEC).


1940: The Chambre is instrumental in promoting the complete restructuring of Montreal's municipal government.

1984: The Chambre de commerce du district de Montréal changes its name to the Chambre de commerce de Montréal. In the fall of 1989, it undergoes another name change, becoming the Chambre de commerce du Montréal métropolitain.

1992: The Chambre de commerce du Montréal métropolitain and the Montreal Board of Trade merge to become a single bilingual business association (The Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, in English), which unites economic, social, and cultural stakeholders in the Greater Montreal region.


2002: Following the creation of the new City of Montreal and the Montreal Metropolitan Community, the Board of Trade reaffirms its resolutely metropolitan vision of development.

2003: It consolidates its affiliates—including Info enterprises and the World Trade Centre Montreal—, which become branches of the Board of Trade. These new branches enable the Board of Trade to offer specialized services relating to funding and start-up programs, as well as to exporting, to Quebec’s greater business community.

2007: With the support of the Department of Immigration and Cultural Communities, the Board of Trade establishes the World on Our Doorstep program to facilitate the professional integration of immigrant workers. In 2010, through a partnership with Emploi-Québec, the program is revised and renamed Interconnection.

2011: The Board of Trade creates the Bell International Leaders series, welcoming such internationally renowned figures as Biz Stone, Larry King, Hillary Clinton, and Chris Hadfield.

2016: To continue to further its influence and consolidate its business services, the Board of Trade updates its image and rebrands itself the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal.

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