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The place of neurodivergent people in your organization

How to recruit, appreciate, retain, and grow this divergent workforce Virtual activities and content The speech will be delivered in French only.

Registration deadline: April 24, 2024


Why attend this webinar?

Take part in our April 24 webinar free of charge for an in-depth exploration of neurodevelopmental conditions, effective neuro-inclusive recruitment strategies and keys to building a truly inclusive business. This is a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and reinforce your inclusive leadership.

What will you learn in this training session?

  • To demystify neurodivergence: acquire an in-depth understanding of neurodevelopmental conditions.
  • To recognize professional challenges: identify barriers for neurodivergent people on the job market.
  • To adopt innovative recruitment strategies: discover how to attract, select, and effectively integrate neurodivergent talent.
  • To explore tools for talent development: familiarize yourself with people-driven technologies and approaches to maximize your team’s potential.
  • To understand the foundations of a neuro-inclusive business: assimilate essential knowledge to create a welcoming, adaptable working environment.

Who is this training session for?

  • People working in human resources;
  • Team managers;
  • People specializing in EDI.
Please note that no exchange or refund will be accepted following your purchase.

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