The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

To maximize the chances of survival of Montréal SMEs and organizations in need of support during the crisis, the CCMM is setting up the Technical Assistance Centre of Montreal (TAC MTL).

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By phone:

514 907-8527

TAC MTL objectives

  • support SMEs and organizations in crisis by providing technical assistance to help them continue operating
  • propose solutions to ease the immediate financial pressures on SMEs and organizations
  • increase the resilience and competitiveness of targeted SMEs and organizations.

Who are these services for?

The TAC MTL offers you services to meet your immediate needs if you are an SME or an organization on the Island of Montréal that, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, is facing:

  • Financial difficulties (e.g. cash flow challenges)
  • Operational difficulties
  • Organizational difficulties (e.g. risk of layoffs)
  • Loss of contracts due to the crisis

The project’s target clientele operates mainly in the sectors most affected by the crisis, including accommodation and food services, retail trade, tourism services and manufacturing. However, all applications from businesses in difficulty will be evaluated.

Services offered

The TAC MTL will help you to:

  1. Evaluate the situation
  2. Develop a financial plan
  3. Optimize cash management
  4. Analyze the viability of projects, including costing
  5. Pivot your business model
  6. Review and adapt your business strategy (e.g. digital marketing)
  7. Diversify markets following lost sales
  8. Adapt current activities (management, remote HR management, technology infrastructure, assistance in selecting technology suppliers, procurement, etc.)
  9. Review the value chain and operating processes
  10. 10. Propose an action plan

The TAC MTL will provide services until June 30, 2021.

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These services receive financial support from Canada Economic Development for Québec regions.

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