Canada should be on the front lines of developing and manufacturing new vaccines, new treatments, and other technologies

Read the letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from Canada’s life sciences, research, and business communities. The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal and the co-signatories reiterate Canada’s intention to be on the front lines of developing and manufacturing new vaccines, new treatments, and other technologies to better deal with the pandemic.

A year ago, Canadians could not have anticipated how a new coronavirus would so profoundly change and disrupt their lives or harm them or their loved ones.

But even before the pandemic was declared and the first COVID-19 restrictions came in mid-March 2020, scientists were working on vaccines and treatments. Some Canadian innovators had already started developing them and contributing to the global effort. That’s how the world got the first COVID-19 vaccines in record time before the end of the year. They promise to be our ticket back to health, socializing with family and friends and economic recovery.

These vaccines are flagships of an exciting new era of medical innovation. We are mining genetic secrets to discover not just how to stop viruses but also to create new therapies and vaccines for some of our most intractable illnesses such as cancer, cystic fibrosis and Alzheimer’s disease among many others.

Canada can and must be a leader in this new era.

Prime Minister, we can work together – our companies, your government and the provinces, Canada’s researchers and health institutions, and the patient community – to ensure the life sciences ecosystem we built in Canada over the past 30 years can grow and be put to work even more effectively for the benefit of Canadians and our economy.

To succeed, we need to do both more and less.

More collaboration to solve for the pandemic today and future health challenges.

Less uncertain and complex regulations that are blocking our ability to move at the speed of science.

We can achieve this with a coherent life sciences strategy.

Now, more than ever, we need public and private sector leaders to continue to work together to address these issues and other serious challenges.

We applaud your government’s initiatives on biomanufacturing, but more needs to be done to create a competitive commercial environment for the full life cycle of health technologies: from labs to the frontlines of healthcare.

Building together a world-class life sciences sector will enhance Canada’s resilience in the face of challenges and ultimately help ensure our health and economic security.

We are asking you join us to make this a lasting positive legacy of COVID-19. Sincerely, Canada's life sciences, research and business communities.


Anie Perrault
Executive Director

Bob McLay
The Canadian Forum for Rare Disease Innovators (RAREi)

Brian Lewis
President & CEO
Medtech Canada

Carl Viel
President & CEO
Québec International

Charles Milliard
President & CEO
Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec

David Wojcik
President & CEO
Mississauga Board of Trade

Frank Béraud
Montréal InVivo

Jason Field
President & CEO
Life Sciences Ontario

Kim Kline
Bioscience Association Manitoba

Michel Leblanc
President & CEO
Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

Pamela Fralick
Innovative Medicines Canada

Perrin Beatty
President & CEO
Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Richard Fajzel
Canadian Health Research Forum

Robb Stoddard
President & CEO

Rocco Rossi
President & CEO
Ontario Chamber of Commerce

Rory Francis
Prince Edward Island BioAlliance

Scott Moffitt
Executive Director

Wendy Hurlburt
President & CEO
LifeSciences BC

Meaghan Seagrave
Executive Director

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