The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

Royalmount, a sign of the city’s regained momentum

Greater Montréal’s economy is gaining momentum. For the first time in decades, the city ranks at the top of Canada's metropolitan regions in terms of economic growth. As “easy” development zones become increasingly rare, it is normal to be faced with land-use decisions and congestion issues caused by new projects.

The Chamber is taking advantage of the consultations conducted by the Ville de Montréal’s Commission on Economic and Urban Development and Housing to contribute to the reflection on land development along busy highways. Major projects like the Royalmount are a prime example of private developers’ ambition to offer an adapted and up-to-date response to the needs of residents.

The Royalmount project is planned for a sector that has all the necessary elements to implement a "live, work and play" strategy that will both attract and retain young people in the central boroughs of the Island of Montréal. The pivotal issue that must be addressed is mobility, and, in particular, a strengthened public transit system. With its brief entitled Le projet Royalmount, signe d’une métropole qui a retrouvé son dynamisme économique, the Chamber proposes to focus on cooperation in order to achieve a common vision for the development of key sectors.

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