The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

Action Plan to Strengthen the Information Technology Sector

As part of Relaunch MTL, the specific challenges and opportunities to propel the recovery of 11 key sectors of the Montréal economy were diagnosed, using data and strategic information gathered in real time. The resulting action plans are intended to identify the most appropriate actions and solutions to assist decision-making within businesses and across all three levels of government.

During the Strategic Forum on Information Technology, participants identified the priority actions this strategic sector needs to take to stimulate the relaunch of the economy. Among the avenues for action affecting the sector, the one that most concerns participants the most is better aligning technology startups and large companies. In addition, participants want to play an active role in spurring innovation and accelerating the digital shift in every sector of the economy. Industry players also believe that the governments need to focus more on accelerating technological innovation and implementing digital infrastructures. The promotion of local expertise in promising subsectors that are in demand should also be among government priorities.


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