The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

Viewpoint: Letter to the future PremierViewpoint by Isabelle Hudon

Text signed by Isabelle Hudon , president and CEO of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, published on L'actualité's Website on March 9, 2007.

Letter to the future Premier

To win this election victory, you have had to criss-cross the province from end to end – for it is well known that, in Quebec, elections are won in the regions.

Now that you are taking the helm of government, I am writing to remind you not to forget the metropolis.  Because, while elections may be won in the regions, the success of Quebec in a global economy must be won in Montreal.

Rather than formulating demands, therefore, as is customary at the start of mandates, I would instead like to issue a challenge.

I am sure there is no need to tell you that Montreal is the economic engine of Quebec.  You know as well as I that with almost half the population and the GDP in the metropolitan area, the vitality of Montreal is able to carry the rest of Quebec in its wake – thereby filling government coffers.

Since we share this conviction, my challenge should not be so difficult for you to meet: that by the end of your mandate, all Quebecers – from Percé to Rouyn-Noranda – take ownership of Montreal's success and consider it their own; that they recognize the importance of investing in its development, not just for the metropolis but for the entire province.

This challenge, it seems to me, is made to measure for you.  During the campaign, you clearly demonstrated your commitment to the success of Quebec, and your election proves beyond a doubt your ability to communicate your message to the regions.


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