Webcasting: a powerfull tool to drive your company

As an entrepreneur, marketing director or president of an SME, you are always on the lookout for growth and visibility. That's why a webcast is a powerful tool that allows your business content to reach its full potential.

The fear of cannibalization

Let's discuss your fear immediately: when you integrate a webcast, won't it cannibalize your sales? The answer is 'No'! On the contrary, this option will stimulate registrations by using all marketing tools available to you. Why? Nothing can replace on-site participation during an event. Taking part at an event in person allows you to network with others. It is a considerable added value that is priceless.

Draw inspiration from the "e-commerce and retail shopping" model, and turn the market to your advantage. Keep in mind that most stores that have integrated online stores have increased their sales and have managed to reach more people.

Be innovative and offer your customers a choice. Your sales will only increase! Consumption methods change. However, do not wait for reality to catch up to you for fear of diversifying.

Seeking to stimulate growth for your company?

Learn about the four benefits of choosing webcasting to reach your goal.

  1. Increase the impact of your brand at the national and international levels

    Admittedly, organizing an event gives you visibility. But adding a live webcast allows you to increase your brand's reach, because borders no longer exist. This enables you to reach distant audiences, such as companies located in outlying regions. The scope of your content is all the greater and will be maximized if you adjust your marketing strategy with timely tools like social media platforms. By adding this option to the organization of your event, you will be able to extend your event even after the "curtain" falls.
    In addition, through webcasting, it is possible to create content before and during your event. This increases the impact with the target audience and offers you the opportunity to reach a new clientele.

  2. Generate leads

    Did you know that webcasting can increase your number of leads? When you are organizing an event and you broadcast video content, you create interest in an audience. You can register businesses in your database. This is the beginning of a relationship where you will be able to contact them again with related products/services.

  3. Stimulate registrations for your next event

    Of course, your event can be very successful at the event location. But if you add a live webcast, you allow another audience to attend. This audience that you may not have reached otherwise will most likely want to sign up for your next event in order to attend.

  4. Produce monetized and specifically targeted conten

    When organizing an event, offering visibility to various strategic partners is a good way to increase revenues. Webcasting affords this possibility by creating targeted content. In fact, in a B2B context, it is rare that the content is addressed to all. For example, if you're addressing veterinarians, you're talking to an audience that will have an interest in video content before, during, and after the event.

    Event sponsors will therefore be very pleased to see their logo displayed at certain strategic locations in the video content, because they know that it will be viewed with interest. As you can see, these are the kinds of partnerships that can generate significant additional revenue.

Webcasting: the possibility to expand your horizons

Webcasting is a way for companies to be bold and innovative! For example, it allows you to create your own TV show on the web. For some companies, it is an opportunity to enhance their brand image, to expand their message.

But beyond that, webcasting allows you to have an international reach and generate leads as part of a parametric marketing strategy to give you speed and visibility.
Give free rein to your imagination and do not be afraid to be daring!

Want to take advantage of the benefits of webcasting? We can help you.

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