The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

Fighting intolerance through an open society

As we try to understand the horror that occurred at a mosque in our province and as our American neighbours are turning inward rather than outward, I thought it important to reiterate our conviction that the solution for dealing with intolerance is having an open, welcoming society founded on the inalienable principles of diversity and integration. We draw our creativity and discoveries from difference. With open borders, we can satisfy our thirst for internationalization and feed our curiosity. Diversity, which is in the DNA of our society and businesses, is a source of incalculable human and social value.

The Chamber is proud that its businesses strive to make our society a welcoming one where difference and diversity are celebrated. The best way to fight intolerance toward Muslims is to hire them, allowing them to flourish here in Montréal and across Quebec.

Michel Leblanc
President and CEO

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