The 3 secrets to being an exceptional leader

What does an employee quit: the boss or the company?

Everyone knows that Google is internationally-renowned for its highly effective management. According to research and advisory firm Universum, the Californian company tops the 2017 list of the 50 most attractive companies.

And when executives say that employees “leave managers, not companies,” they know the importance of being a good leader.

In fact, according to a Gallup study of 7,272 American workers, half of employees admit to having left a job because of a supervisor at least once in their lifetime.

Here are the most well-kept secrets of three great leaders who have become exceptional managers.

1. Become a chess master in human management

Travis Bradberry is a coach and LinkedIn influencer, co-founder of Talent Smart, author of a bestseller titled Emotional Intelligence 2.0., and coach for more than 75% of companies listed in Fortune 500.

According to Travis, an exceptional leader is like a chess master. Just like in a game of a chess, they know how to draw on the very best of each individual and leverage the team’s overall ability to work on a single objective to achieve success.

For Travis, being an unforgettable boss means:

  1. Thinking big and getting others to embrace your vision and passion through a clear, effective communication of objectives and of each person’s role.
  2. Being humble and human.

2. Care for the people on your team, even when you are told otherwise

Despite the key management roles she’s played over the past 20 years (Apple, Dropbox, Twitter, AdSense, Google, and Square), Kim Scott, founder of Juice Software, has continually refused to listen to peers who told her she should stop “giving a damn.”

“The most surprising thing about becoming a manager is all the pressure to stop caring,” said Kim.

For this experienced manager, the best way to make sure your team is committed to reaching the top is “to know them as human beings.”

She encourages managers to take the time to talk to each member of their team AND encourage them to reach their goals.

For Kim, being an unforgettable boss means:

  1. Listening to your team, being interested and sincere.
  2. Making sure employees reach their full potential and rewarding their efforts.
  3. Assessing how compatible the members of your team are.

3. Go beyond the qualities that are deemed sufficient to be a good boss

Martin Zwilling, entrepreneur for the past 30 years, author of the book Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur?, and founder and CEO of Startup Professionals, says those want to become an exceptional leader need more than a few basic qualities!

For Martin, being an unforgettable boss means:

  1. Always being honest, in words and actions. That means admitting your mistakes and recognizing your own weaknesses.
  2. Keeping calm in any situation.
  3. Having a sense of humour! The best relationships develop through humour.

You now know the essential qualities to becoming an unforgettable boss! Have you figured out the common denominator in these tips? Authenticity… in everything you do.

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