A winner's attitude!Viewpoint by Isabelle Hudon

 Text signed by Isabelle Hudon, president and CEO of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal,
published in SPEED magazine on March 18, 2008.

A winner's attitude!

When asked about the key to our collective success, my answer tends to be relatively simple: what we need most of all is attitude.  More specifically, I believe it's by demonstrating a winner's attitude that we will succeed in improving.

Whether in terms of the economy, education, or demographics, Montréal and Quebec face complex challenges, and the solutions are never simple.  If we are to meet them, we must have confidence in ourselves and dare to be ambitious.  By that I mean nothing less than developing a “culture of excellence,” which includes stepping out of our comfort zones and exploring new possibilities.

The question is not whether we are capable of acting and excelling – that was proven long ago – but rather whether we can truly believe in our capabilities – and demonstrate that on a daily basis!

It seems clear to me that both Montréal and Quebec are thirsty for major new development projects – inspiring projects that will fill us with pride and show the world the zest and vitality of our society.  And we can't do that without cultivating a winner's attitude – because that's what we'll need to reconcile caution and rigour on the one hand with a true thirst for action and success on the other.

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