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Missouri market in 2014: opportunities for Quebec businesses

Governor of Missouri
Governor of Missouri



On March 3, come hear the Honorable Jay Nixon, Governor of Missouri, at a breakfast meeting, during which he will speak about his state’s economic prospects.

Accompanying him will be a delegation of businesses from the manufacturing, metallurgical, and food sectors, allowing you to build business ties with Missouri-based companies:

One-on-one meetings will be organized following the breakfast meeting.






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Marie-Hélène Vaillancourt
Assistant Advisor,
International Market Development
514 871-4002, ext. 6217


Le Centre Sheraton,
1201 René-Lévesque Blvd. W.

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  • Learn about investment opportunities and promising sectors in this state
  • Meet a delegation of companies from Missouri seeking to develop business ties with Quebec companies


With a 95% private sector economy, Missouri has one of the lowest tax rates for businesses in the US. Missouri is an American transportation hub. As a result of its low transportation costs, the state boasts a leading-edge manufacturing sector.

Missouri also stands out in other sectors of activity:

  • Biosciences (biomedical, animal sciences, agriculture): 21 research centres
  • Information technology: over 3,500 firms related to the sector
  • Green energy: a leader in renewable energy
  • Health care: a global reputation for research
  • Automobile: one of the Top 10 automobile producing states
  • Financial services: the only state with two Federal Reserve Banks

The state’s strategic plan for economic development also has its sights on the following sectors: logistics and transportation, aerospace, infrastructures, and consumer goods. Missouri currently boasts one of the nation’s most promising economic programs.

In 2012, Quebec exported $347 million to Missouri, mainly in aluminium, rubber, car parts, paper, cardboard, and plastic. There are close to 333 Quebec companies currently exporting to this market.


Entrepreneurs interested in Missouri, already active on the market, or seeking to learn more.

The activity will be of particular interest to businesses in the following sectors:

    • Infrastructures
    • Aerospace
    • Logistics and transportation
    • Information technology and telecommunications
    • Health care, life sciences, and medical equipment
    • Chemical products
    • Green energy
    • Consumer goods

Register to this breakfast meeting to learn about Missouri’s full potential for your business!

No reservations, cancellations or refunds after the registration deadline. Participant substitutions are accepted at no extra charge until the event is held. Please note that only substitution notices sent by email at will be accepted.


  • Find out about investment opportunities and promising sectors in Panama
  • Meet a delegation of high-level representatives of the Panamanian government
  • Network with entrepreneurs seeking to develop their business in the country


Panama, an emerging economy of 3.5 million inhabitants, enjoys a strategic geographic location that has allowed it to become one of the most important logistic centres of the Western Hemisphere for the storing and distribution of cargo.

With its dollarized economy and its economic specialization in such strategic sectors as banking and maritime transportation, Panama is a country favourable to foreign direct investment.

The free trade agreement between Canada and Panama, in effect since last April 1st, eliminates customs duties on over 99% of Canadian exports, increases the protection of investments in the country, and allows Canadian businesses to bid on Panamanian government procurements.

Several multinationals, such as Samsung Electronics, DHL, DELL, Hutchison Port Holding Group, HSBC, BICSA, and Scotia Bank, have established their main offices of regional activity in Panama.

Facts and figures:

  • GDP growth of 10.6% in 2012, and the highest per capita revenue in Central America, according to the IMF
  • Panama’s GDP is ranked 4th in South America
  • The 2nd largest banking system in the world, after Switzerland, with over 90 international financial institutions
  • The 2nd largest free zone in the world, generating more than 11 billion dollars in imports, exports, and re-exports each year.


Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is a nerve centre for international maritime trade. Each year, over 14,000 ships use this pathway. Currently, ships going through the canal can hold 4,000 containers but once the widening of the canal is complete, ships will be able to triple their capacity to hold up to 12,000 containers. Panama is world renowned as a strategic location in the transport of containerized cargo.

Panama Pacifico

In 2004, the Government of Panama established the Panama Pacifico Special Economic Area (SEA) to drive direct foreign investment, to provide Panamanians with better-paying jobs and to attract new growth industries to the country. Inspired by special economic areas with similar characteristics around the globe, the Panama Pacifico SEA is the most comprehensive and advantageous to date in the region. More than constructing businesses, the SEA is constructing a whole new way to conduct business.

Advantages include the on-site, one-stop shop with access to 11 government branches; special labor incentives; simplified on-site immigration benefits; legal incentives; tax incentives, including exemptions for 12 specific business activities; and access to the on-site workforce training center.

Air Transport

Tocumen Airport currently serves over 5 million passengers per year, offering flights to 54 destinations on 14 different airlines. A development plan for this international airport has been implemented. The plan, which is in four phases, will be completed in 2025. Once complete, the airport will be able to serve 30 million passengers annually, and will have 20 terminals for the handling of freight.

With a $4 million investment and 3,500 m2 of infrastructure, the Gulf Coast International Cargo company plans to create a logistics management centre at Tocumen Airport.

Fibre Optics

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has ranked Panama as the country providing the best connectivity in Latin America. From its strategic geographic position, Panama is linked to the world with 5 undersea fibre-optic cables, as well as several maritime trade routes.

Panama is an ideal location for telecommunications companies and data centres connected to North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean, as evidenced by the strong presence of national and international cellular telecommunications and Internet services companies.


According to the government’s 2009-2014 strategic plan, Panama is seeking to position itself as a major destination for both leisure tourism and for international conferences and conventions. To that end, the government and the Panama Tourism Authority (PTA) have taken steps to develop and improve the industry: a migratory decree that makes it easier and faster for tourists to enter Panama, new direct routes from Panama to major destinations, and the creation of a modern data centre for tourism. Several large luxury hotel chains have also decided to establish themselves in the country

Financial Services

The Panamanian banking sector is the largest in Central America. Much like the Panama Canal, the International Banking Centre (IBC) is a pillar of the Panamanian economy’s progress. The IBC relies on, among other things, monetary stability and prospects for growth, as well as on the heavy inflow of international capital tied to Panama’s service activities.


Register for this seminar to explore the full potential of the Panamanian market for your business!

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