The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

Respond to the call for creative projects

The Chamber is launching a call for creative projects that will be deployed in the private and semi-private spaces of the expanded downtown area: halls of buildings, circulation corridors, interior courtyards, food fairs, plazas and parking lots, etc.

Connect with a property manager or owner
The Chamber wants to make it easier for creators to connect with property managers and owners. Demonstrate your interest in proposing a project for one of the available private spaces in the extended downtown area and the Chamber will put you in touch with the owner or manager if there is mutual interest.

Discover the private spaces available for your projects
These places were submitted by managers or owners wishing to welcome creative project proposals in their spaces. The list of private spaces available in the territory is not exhaustive and will be completed over time.

List of private spaces available

Corridor passage
(linking the property to the underground network)

Outdoor plaza
(corner of René-Lévesque Blvd. W. and Stanley St.)

Raoul Wallenberg Square
(urban courtyard between the church and the KMPG Tower)

Sun Life Building – Outdoor space
(Metcalfe Street side)

Would you like to get in touch with the owner or manager of one of these spaces?

Briefly describe the type of project you would like to propose and why the location sparks your imagination.

Fill in the form

Are you a property owner or manager who would like to receive creative proposals for your spaces? Contact us.

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