Leveraging creativity for change

Faced with the staggering scale of change in today's world, some leaders choose to observe while others prefer to take action, get involved and take the lead. If they don’t leverage their vital energy to adopt a creative approach, companies will have a tough time surviving given the ever-evolving context.

Recently, a KPMG study showed that 74% of Canadian CEOs reported they were waiting until they reached their growth targets to start recruiting staff with the right future-geared skills.

Close to three out of four leaders are delaying the decision to hire resources that are essential to their success. Yet, with everything changing at a breakneck pace, having creative and agile employees to deal with change is crucial. According to the World Economic Forum, by 2020, creativity will be one of the three main skills that workers will need to master to succeed in the labour market. And it goes without saying that human resources need an injection of creativity! Recruitment and retention challenges in the context of talent shortage are already manifest, while the solutions are less obvious. Investing in corporate culture and developing talent is a must for any CEO concerned about their future. Why wait, when tomorrow is already yesterday?

How to become a creative leader?

Develop a creative approach

To begin with, senior executives must strive to understand the importance of training change agents at all levels of the company. By training these women and men, you not only enable them to put their creativity at the service of the mission and goals but also to grow as a person in society. This larger-than-life challenge is first and foremost a very human one!

Unleash the group’s strength

Establishing a talent hiring strategy that targets people with “new” skills such as creativity, collaboration or social intelligence will serve as foundation of companies of the future. At Factry, the school of creative sciences, our saying is that when an employee not only has the skills required for a job but is also motivated by the company's culture and mission, they feel energized and in a position to make the world move. This approach is what makes the difference between an employee doing their job and making a real difference.

Investing from head to toe, by way of the heart, in training creative leaders in a company means believing in a group's vitality to face change. It means humbly trusting that solutions will come from all directions and at all levels and that they will draw on the group's collective intelligence. It also means offering millennials what they’re looking for from employers, a company to which they can contribute and not just a place to work.

Spark transformation

In an era when transformation is the norm, it’s critical to learn how to adapt to change. It’s essential to invest in developing the creative skills required to face social disruptions and technological innovations with agility.

Is there a single good reason to delay?

About the author
Hélène Godin has spent the last 20 years distinguishing herself on the design world. She has led one of the most successful multidisciplinary creative teams on the local and international scene as Partner, Executive VP and Creative Director at Sid Lee. Her drive to share her passion has taken her around the world as a speaker and mentor. She has an enduring love for Montréal, is a proud ambassador of the city and has also served on numerous international juries. Hélène is now the Co-Founder and Creative Director at Factry.

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