3 strategies for building resilience and joining forces on economic recovery

In the coming months many entrepreneurs will need to look for innovative ways to revive their businesses. This is a time of exceptional challenges. Using local know-how to devise business solutions in response to the economic crisis is just one of the big ones. It is even harder to successfully harness your digital experience through conferences, workshops and other virtual activities based on empirical experience. This is an opportunity for major leaders and the business community in Québec and elsewhere to work on practical and innovative strategies for starting over.

Montréal, a world centre for cultural and creative businesses, is an ideal place to create synergies between the leaders and decision-makers of large, medium and small corporations around these key issues. There are three key insights that can inspire businesses to leverage this collective knowledge and create a sustainable economy through events like the digital, inclusive and interactive C2 Online gathering. 

1. Draw business inspiration from the experts

In this interactive, immersive and collaborative gathering you will be able to draw inspiration from many renowned speakers to become part of the next generation of change agents.

These are some of the experts from all walks of life who will challenge you as an entrepreneur:

2. Leverage the expertise of your peers through an interactive digital experience

Build your resilience and collect forward-thinking and innovative ideas

This is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge by opting for targeted learning based on the following needs and interests:

  • Accelerating innovation 
  • Re-inventing the economy of experience 
  • (Re)connecting with your community

Live a collaborative experience rich in new business practices

This year’s C2 Online offers you a new way of coming together, learning, engaging and moving forward through hands-on workshops, collaborative experiences and networking. In a completely virtual way, a team of hosts will direct you to the relevant content and guide you to the videoconference rooms.

A series of problem-solving digital workshops will be useful. Led by experts, these hands-on sessions will challenge participants to roll up their sleeves and take part in simulations that address real business challenges. Via the new digital platform, these workshops will bring all participants together in a learning session with a specialist before they break out into smaller groups and then meet again to discuss the solutions.

Some content will also be broadcast live on their social networks for the first time.

3. Focus on the environment as a vector for sustainable solutions

Two flagship activities addressing key issues will inspire you to make a practical contribution to the fight against climate change and take action for sustainable mobility and the environment.

A. Work for tomorrow’s sustainable mobility as a business: What Can I do?

By attending the lecture by actress and activist Jane Fonda, you will learn about her highly visible journey, particularly her fight against climate change. As she does in her book What Can I Do? My Path from Climate Despair to Action (Penguin Press, September 2020), Ms. Fonda will suggest courageous solutions for shaping tomorrow’s sustainable mobility.

Lecture on October 22

B. Equip yourself for sustainable innovation and new materials

During the panel on Sustainable innovation, or how upcycling and new materials are shaping a greener future, several innovative benefits associated with the reuse of post-consumption materials will be discussed, along with:

  • Strategies to make products more sustainable
  • The hidden potential of industrial waste
  • Practical ways for businesses to become more responsible

Panel on October 22

Face the economic recovery and innovate with peers and your resilience

Prestigious leaders will give you all kinds of tips to help turn the tide. Listening to the experience of economic transformers, opting to pool expertise and putting the environment at the heart of your business issues: three steps to a successful economic recovery. From the largest to the smallest companies, there is something for everyone.

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