Immersive experience for the business world

We often talk about the immersive experience in a museum and artistic context, where the magic of innovations and multimedia techniques plunge us into parallel universes; we are then transported by them, ready to feel new sensations in total connection with what surrounds us. But today, the immersive experience is seducing new and unlikely terrains, that of events and the business world by bringing a unique dimension to corporate branding, but also to recovery and return-to-work strategies by creating multiple possibilities at the crossroads of technology, the arts and discovery.

1. Immersive experience and business events

The event organized in an immersive way awakens the desire to discover with emotion, to reinvent the connection between a brand and its audience by adding a sensory and emotional component. Beyond technology, the approach combines a visual and sound production that envelops participants and includes them at the heart of the experience.
Whether it’s a corporate seminar, a product launch or a conference, the immersive experience offers a range of options to give participants a unique experience. Virtual reality, 3D mapping or other sensory elements add and/or intermingle to create more intimate and authentic content for an increasingly demanding audience.

2. An immersive experience for the return to work

Many workers are anxious to get back to the office, but others would prefer to stay at home after the pandemic and are anxious at the thought of changing their routine after more than a year.

An immersive experience can be a significant tool to alleviate the problems related to stress and anxiety felt by workers, by proposing new experiences that include people at their core. The objective is to stimulate their imaginations in order to prepare workers for their own reflection process and thus create an environment of trust. But how do we make this happen?

Today more than ever, creativity and innovation require a form of continuous exploration and societal contribution. The immersive experience concretizes all the strength of the immersion medium by offering business clients new avenues to improve their teams' quality of life and stimulate a positive approach in the relaunching of business activities. Relaunching downtown Montréal and reducing stress and anxiety is of course a process that will take time, and the immersive experience may well be part of that process by bringing a form of benevolent creativity to bear in an innovative technological context.

3. Immersive experience and well-being at work

There is a correlation between expectations, motivation, perseverance, psychological capital and team building. Immersion allows participants to better identify and develop relationships within companies and organizations. In addition, it could potentially positively affect the overall psychology or culture of an organization.

The use of immersion for therapeutic purposes is in its infancy. Today, for example, the OASIS immersion team would like to explore this segment in order to better measure and define its positive impacts. The idea is to relearn how to interact in the same space and rebuild rapport. Team building activities, for example, could achieve this through a unique immersive and sensory experience. This activity would involve participants being guided through a course while being exposed to a series of sensory activations. Companies have access to experiences of varying lengths, tailored to their business values and objectives.

By combining expertise in wellness, multimedia creation, olfactory science and behavioural research, we can develop tailored immersive experiences that will promote a sense of calm, openness and well-being in participants. Our objective is to build expertise in this field, in a niche that is still underdeveloped on an international scale.

The immersive experience is still in the early stages of what it can offer the business world.  The more today’s economic, social and health context undergoes transformations that impact economic players, the more immersion will be inspired by all these transformations to nourish imaginations and propose exclusive experiences where innovation and creation will continue to be its cornerstone.

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