Make your business a model of sustainable mobility

If your organization has several hundred employees and is trying to implement concrete sustainable mobility measures:

  • Enjoy exposure with the media and business community through a Chamber promotional campaign
  • Draw on the experience of mentors and seasoned experts
  • Reap the benefits of a sustainable mobility plan:
    • Reduce employee tardiness and increase productivity
    • Reduce the cost of parking
    • Amortize up to 200% of the amount you invest in public transit costs
  • Improve your company’s image in social responsibility

The Chamber has a concrete project to increase your social impact in sustainable mobility.


To reduce traffic congestion in Greater Montréal, this year the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal is launching the Grands générateurs de déplacements (Major Traffic Generators) pilot project, with the support of Mobilité Montréal and in cooperation with the Centres de gestion des déplacements.

Already seasoned in sustainable mobility?

Become a mentor!

Project goals

Help major traffic generators – organizations with several hundred employees – reduce the number of solo trips by car by implementing a travel management plan and concrete sustainable mobility measures.

Project description

The project will involve at least ten organizations, supporting them in their sustainable mobility efforts. Organizations invest by introducing a travel management plan and concrete sustainable mobility measures; in exchange, they benefit from a promotion and visibility strategy worth over $80,000, which the Chamber will institute with the business community. Plus they will be included in the Chamber’s media relations plan for this project.

The Chamber wants to track major generators of environmentally responsible travel throughout their efforts, to showcase the key steps involved, measures to promote sustainable mobility and the gains and benefits of their effort. A number of means, including press releases, blogs and social media, will be used to draw attention to their experience introducing environmentally responsible practices.

Project duration: 12 to 18 months

How to take part

  • Register your organization
  • Evaluate your travel profile developed by a Centre de gestion des déplacements
  • With the help of mentors, institute a travel management plan
  • Measure the results and impact of implementing a mobility plan
  • Share your sustainable mobility efforts


Become a mentor

Is your organization a leader in implementing sustainable transportation measures? Do you want the public and business community to know about your experience? Become a mentor!

  • Share your journey and inspire major travel generators that are making the move toward sustainable mobility.
  • Enjoy visibility with the media and business environment as the Chamber promotes your experience with and involvement in this project.


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