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The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal presents its Bell International Leaders Series

The CCMM is a non-profit organization that has been a strategic actor in Montreal’s development for nearly 200 years. Our predecessors demonstrated unfaltering commitment to defending the interests of Montréal’s business community in order to allow our city to develop and prosper. The positions that they championed and the achievements that they implemented are many, spanning such sectors as education, economic development, culture, municipal administration, and transportation.

In continuing this legacy, we have become the largest private organization dedicated to economic development in Québec. Our initiatives extend outside of the workplace and include programs for matching newly arrived immigrants with employment opportunities, and for reducing high-school dropout rates by creating a dialogue between students and the business community.

Montreal: a pillar Canadian city where great minds from across the globe converge

A one-of-a-kind cultural mosaic

Punching above its weight in culture, creativity and innovation, Montreal is renowned for its business savvy and knack for doing things differently. It is the second-largest Canadian metropolitan center and the largest French-speaking agglomeration in the world after Paris.

The nightlife capital of Canada, Montreal hosts over 100 festivals throughout the year. It introduced Cirque du Soleil, Celine Dion, Leonard Cohen, Moment Factory and Arcade Fire to the world.

Shepherding tomorrow’s leaders to success

Montreal is home to the largest university student population in North America. It provides the largest pool of new university graduates in Canada. Among its 4 universities, 2 are ranked among the top 200 best universities in the world.

A powerhouse of innovation

Alongside Seattle and Houston Montreal is one of the world’s three aerospace poles thanks to BCE, Bombardier, and CAE.

Also, the 3rd-largest video games capital, home to multinationals Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Eidos, and Warner Bros.

Bell International Leaders Series

Created to inspire Montrealers who aspire to learn from the best, The Chamber’s International Leaders series has welcomed world-renowned thinkers and doers as a way of recognizing those who have truly marked the world through business and governance. Over the past years, we have had the privilege of welcoming Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Steve Wozniak, Hilary Clinton, David Suzuki, Biz Stone, Nicolas Sarkozy, Joe P. Kennedy II, George P. Bush, Chris Hadfield, Jack Welch and Guy Laliberté, among others.


Arnold Schwarzenegger

President Barack Obama
12000 participants
June 2017

Bertrand Piccard
700 participants
October 2016

David Suzuki
1200 participants
November 2015

Joe P. Kennedy II & George P. Bush
400 participants
October 2012

Guy Laliberté
800 participants
November 2018

Jack Welch
1200 participants
June 2015

Jimmy Wales
700 participants
April 2016

Joe P. Kennedy II & George P. Bush
400 participants October 2012

Michelle Obama
10000 participants February 2018

Nicolas Sarkozy
700 participants
April 2013

Randi Zuckerberg
3 000 participants
March 14

Steve Wozniak
2000 participants
February 2015


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