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Innovation in fashion

A wave of modernization based on innovation and cutting-edge technology is transforming the fashion industry and it professions

The world of fashion keeps offering up surprises. For the past few years, the sector has been modernizing, blending new technology with craftsmanship. Innovation is at the heart of the fashion industry and is transforming the means of production (3D modelling, smart textiles…), consumption (e-commerce, visualization…) and interaction with consumers (social media interactions, the in-store experience...).

To meet the needs of consumers and the demands of local and international markets, the Québec fashion industry has reinvented itself and become a powerful driver of creativity and innovation. It has many entrepreneurs, managers and creators whose ability to innovate is revolutionizing industry practices.

Craftsmanship meets new technology

A look at the development of digital technology in the fashion industry:

Nathon Kong, founder, Nathon Kong

“In an industry where mass production is the norm, we have distinguished ourselves by making custom clothing using processes that put technology and people at the forefront. We use a 3D scanner to custom-make products with unparalleled precision using the customer’s measurements. We leverage technology to optimize production, maintaining the highest quality service.”

Louis Bibeau, president, Logistik Unicorp

“With a presence in seven countries, Logistik Unicorp innovates both in product development and management systems; an ecological, Canadian solution to replace cotton with hemp, the next generation of a high-performance multi-layer system and sophisticated firefighter suits are some of our more recent developments. Our leading-edge computer systems and digital solutions deliver functional agility that allows us to distinguish ourselves even more, particularly with globalization.”

Elliot Lifson, vice-president, Peerless Clothing

“Our competitive advantage lies not just in our product, but also in the system that encompasses it. Our investments in information technology allow us to manage the inventory of our products for our main American clients from our Montréal offices. Based on sales, the system automatically generates orders to our distribution centre, and products are shipped to the stores in 24 to 48 hours.”

Ethan Song, president and co-founder, Frank + Oak

“Frank + Oak is a multi-channel brand that is part of the community, redefining the consumer experience. In a constantly changing world, it important that we adapt our offer to our clients, listen to them and keep reinventing ourselves.”

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