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The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

Workforce, competitiveness, mobility, and environment: keys to maintaining Quebec’s economic growth.

Quebec’s economy is strong and Montréal is experiencing incredible economic growth. The unemployment rate is at its lowest since the 1970s and the province’s technology sectors have achieved full employment. Public finances are sustainable and the new government can even authorize public spending while pursuing its efforts to reduce the debt and maintain targets set by the Fonds des générations.

Currently, the business community’s main concern is the access to a sufficient pool of qualified workers. Therefore, the Chamber is encouraging the government to focus its budget on increasing access to a skilled workforce and helping our companies remain competitive. In addition, the Chamber believes that the following four priorities are the key to maintaining public trust and sustaining our economic growth:

1. Improving access to a qualified workforce.

2. Reducing the tax burden placed on companies and individuals.

3. Accelerate investment to improve sustainable mobility throughout Montréal.

4. Reconciling economic growth and the environment as levers for development.

In parallel, the Chamber is also recommending that the government take other actions to contribute to the economic growth of Montréal and Quebec as a whole.

  • Internationalizing our businesses: undertake an offensive to facilitate greater access to foreign markets, including other Canadian provinces as well as the CETA and CPTPP, while consolidating our gains through the new CUSMA.
  • Protecting headquarters: continue to implement measures that aim to better protect companies that play key roles in the economy of Montréal and Quebec from hostile takeovers.
  • Promoting artificial intelligence: help our companies implement AI solutions and contribute to the growth of our suppliers.
  • Montréal: quickly implement the action plan related to the Déclaration pour revitaliser l'Est de Montréal and invest in strategic projects, including the expansion of the Palais des congrès and the conversion of the former Royal Victoria Hospital site.

By focusing on these priorities in the next budget, we believe that the government will be able to implement measures that will help Quebec and Montréal sustain long-term economic growth.

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