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Earth Day 2007 – The business community gets involved!

Earth Day 2007 – The business community gets involved!

On April 22, we celebrated Earth Day.  For the Board of Trade, this doesn't mean the environment is a matter of concern for just one day, however: on the contrary, it is simply the ideal time to stop for a moment and consider what we can do every day to assume our responsibility for the environment.  Because every little bit helps to ensure a promising future for our planet, and within companies, it is easier than ever to reconcile economic development and the environment!

There is a real potential for developing environmental action within our companies.  In this respect, major corporations can be valuable allies, since, in addition to developing expertise that can be employed elsewhere, they can also set inspiring examples for others to follow.  Despite their more limited means, small- and medium-sized enterprises can also make innovative shifts in areas affecting the environment.

It is from this perspective, and with a view to spreading the word about the best practices available, that I invite you to send an e-mail to telling me about the creative ideas for sustainable development and environmental protection that you have implemented within your organization.

More than ever, I am convinced that the environment is everybody's business, and it is by pooling our ideas and efforts that we can make a real difference.

Isabelle Hudon
President and CEO
Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal


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