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5 tips for beginning a business relationship in China

According to Jean-Philippe Desjardins, president of two advertising agencies, Orangerine and The Wallrus:

1. Be well informed.

Have a mentor—a valuable resource for understanding a market like China.

2. Be respectful of the country.

You must adapt your product, even if it has been tested at the international level many times. If this exercise is not carried out, it simply won’t work.

3. Create a win-win relationship.

To do business, you must create a win-win relationship, on the financial level, with your Chinese partners.

4. Innovate, again and again, while keeping your product development in Canada.

It’s an essential precaution you must take to avoid being copied and watching your commercial adventure come to an end.

5. Never presume anything after a pitch to a Chinese company.

The decision to enter a business relationship may go quickly or may take time. The rhythm is asymmetric, even if, once the agreement is signed, everything can move quite fast.

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