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“Down to live it up”: the Chamber launches a major campaign to inspire Montrealers to come back downtown

The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal unveiled a new advertising campaign on November 1st as part of its “I love downtown” initiative to inspire Montrealers to come back downtown.

Entitled “Down to live it up,” this multi-platform campaign was developed around key rallying verbs inspired by the word “downtown,” such as “come,” “get motivated,” “have fun,” and “live” together. Developed thanks to the support of the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation, the campaign is based on slam poetry composed by Montréal artist Antoine Leclerc that pays tribute to downtown Montréal’s creative and innovative character.

The idea behind the concept

While the vaccine and the reorganization of work is enabling a shift to a new normal, a return to office towers is needed to support merchants, hotels, restaurants, cultural and creative organizations, and the entire commercial fabric of downtown.

Developed by Publicis,* the campaign is designed to inspire residents, workers, employers, and decision-makers to reconnect with Montréal. To achieve this, it spotlights the human experience of downtown, which can be found in its stores, restaurants, and the many attractions – a distinctive characteristic that is the focus of the campaign and its messages.

“Returning downtown and to the offices is to regain the contact that we have missed so much and that is essential to our creativity, our sociability and our humanity. The revival of downtown Montréal must be part of this new normal. We hope that this campaign will touch the hearts of all Montrealers so that everyone will once again be able to say, ‘I love working downtown.’” – Michel Leblanc, President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

“Down to live it up” follows the ambitious efforts undertaken as part of “I love working downtown,” a platform to relaunch downtown by increasing traffic in the area and facilitating the return of workers.

These efforts include eight major signature creative projects, a declaration of commitment for employers, and two surveys conducted in partnership with Léger, which created a snapshot of the situation downtown (read the highlights of survey 1 and survey 2).

At the same time, the Chamber also created a number of events to support employers and managers in organizing a successful return to the workplace: a talk, a strategic meeting, and a series of webinars. These events are available in rebroadcast on our website.

About the “I love working downtown” initiative

I love working downtown is an initiative of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal carried out with support from the Ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation. Its objective is to accelerate the revival of downtown Montreal.

* Consortium of agencies including Publicis, Complice de marque, Hamak and Marelle Communications.

With the financial participation of:

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