What does your customer service really reveal?

Blog Acclr - What does your customer service really reveal?

We often believe incorrectly that customer service is limited to the way we address customers or suppliers and the time it takes us to respond to them. On the contrary, though this aspect is essential, it is only one step in a more complex system for evaluating your business’s potential profitability and customer loyalty. How can you find out if your customer service is effective? Here are the 3 main things to consider.

Feel the pulse of your customers and promote loyalty

There are many ways to take the pulse of your customers. The goal is to:

  • Collect information through order history, complaints, and requests regarding a service or product
  • Get feedback with an online questionnaire or a survey, for example during a courtesy call

This data will help you improve the quality of your customer service and stand out from your competitors.

However, customer service is an overall experience, not just the way you address your customers. Your customers should remember the way they were treated before, during and after obtaining the product or service they came for.

Therefore, every one of your employees has a role to play in customer retention. Whether it’s answering questions, gathering important data, sending information by email, wrapping products, delivering them or handling complaints, the key to customer loyalty is the overall quality of your customer service management.

Transform complaints into loyal customers

Every complaint received must be treated as a possible sign of dissatisfaction in other, less vocal customers. Think of it as a goldmine of information. The way you handle a complaint will determine whether a customer recommends or criticizes your business.

Regardless of the unsatisfied customer’s approach, a comprehensive attitude, a good solution and the ability to see the customer’s point of view will give you the best chance of a positive outcome.

Handling complaints is part of after-sales service. This facet of your customer service is undoubtedly the most important, because it can bring you the most loyal customers. Those who complain are also those who will tell others about the exceptional response they received.

For information on customer service management
»  Read the guide on the subject

Increase your profit potential

Customer confidence is a precious commodity that can generate excellent profit potential. Your current customers already believe in your company and naturally become brand ambassadors. They recommend you, are open to giving their opinion, and appreciate your understanding of their needs. Using feedback from your current customers to develop loyalty or rewards programs can be a valuable asset.

Remember that customer confidence doesn’t just come from satisfaction; it also comes from the way you handle complaints, which demonstrates the continuing efforts your business makes towards improving customer experience.

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