In a context where there are many labour issues facing Montréal SMEs, it is imperative that they focus on employee retention and inclusion in the workplace. By adopting practices that meet EDI (Equality-Diversity-Inclusion) principles, you will contribute to the well-being and development of your teams. This human investment will support them throughout their professional and personal growth, as well as foster a culture of learning and transmission of knowledge.

Acclr Talent services offer Montréal businesses—regardless of their sector of activity—free and customized coaching to help talent from diverse backgrounds develop their full potential within the company through two programs:

  • Inclusive mentoring;
  • Job retention.

Programs’ objectives

The programs are designed to offer customized solutions exclusively to SMEs in order to help them:

  • Develop, implement and follow-up of a personalized action plan for the company and the employee;
  • Obtain tools to enhance the skills of and develop talent from underrepresented groups in the labour market;
  • Overcome various barriers to employee retention;
  • Improve employee experience in the workplace;
  • Actively participate in the implementation of best practices in equity, diversity and inclusion.
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Eligibility criteria





Job retention

  • SMEs;
  • Any sector of activity.
  • People who are underrepresented in the labour market because of their age, their cultural or Indigenous background, their disability, and their gender identity or sexual orientation;
  • Residents of the island of Montréal.

Inclusive mentoring

  • SMEs with 250 or fewer employees;
  • Located on the island of Montréal;
  • Any sector of activity.


  • Is part of your organization.


  • Is part of your organization;
  • Qualifies under one of the diversity and inclusion categories (because of sexual orientation, nationality, membership in an Indigenous community, gender, age, disability, learning disability or mental health).

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