The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal
Consulting Services

To complete the consulting services offered by its agents, Info entrepreneurs, in collaboration with the “Business Volunteers” program, allows you to meet with professionals from the business world. Come discuss your concerns with them and talk about your company’s situation in an impartial, private, and confidential environment.

Get advice on:

  • How to write a business plan and a description of the steps involved in starting your business. You may also receive an assessment of your idea’s potential, ask questions about the financial aspect of your project, and get a constructive and objective opinion about your business plan.
  • Business legal structures and how to implement, acquire or sell a business; the negotiation and writing of commercial contracts (leases, shareholder agreements, partnerships, operating licences, franchises, etc.); issues related to financing, securities, civil liability, intellectual property, dispute resolution, and debt collection.
  • Accounting issues, GST, eligible expenses, payroll, leasing, the type of business to choose, bookkeeping, accounting software, administrative systems, and document management.
  • Legal aspects relating to businesses and how to implement, acquire or sell a business; the acquisition or sale of assets; negotiating and drafting commercial agreements; administrative law issues including permits; website policies and online business; financing; securities law; international trade law; liability and disputes.

For more information, contact us.

» Guest advisor service [PDF]

Please note! Our experts will not draft letters or prepare legal documents, nor will they act on your behalf. They will not represent you in court, or with government or administrative authorities. If necessary, they can direct you to the appropriate specialists. Nevertheless, their advice will help you to better analyze your situation, and to determine the laws and procedures that apply to it.
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