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The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

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Bill 76: an integrated vision of public transit needed to strengthen the business environment

Montréal, November 13, 2015 ‒ The Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal supports the Government of Quebec’s intention to simplify the governance of public transit in Greater Montréal through Bill 76, tabled by the Minister of Transport and Minister responsible for the Montréal region, Robert Poëti. The creation of the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ART) (regional metropolitan transit authority) and the Réseau de transport métropolitain (RTM) (metropolitan transit network) will help speed up the development of public transit infrastructures, which are important levers for the business environment.

“The roles involved in planning and operating services will now be clarified, as we recommended in the Côté-Séguin Report,” said Michel Leblanc, President and CEO of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal. “Reviewing governance will help speed up the completion of public transit projects. The organizational complexity of recent years prevented transit infrastructure projects from going ahead in spite of the fact that they are essential for the city’s economic vitality. The Pie-IX BRT has been a clear failure, with delays that have become embarrassing for the entire community.”

“This reform in governance is necessary to better plan the development of the network,” Michel Leblanc said. “Over the decades, development was done in fits and starts. Coherent planning will allow us to extend the network continuously, year after year, whether by deploying new reserved bus lanes, extending the metro or introducing light rail transit.”

“The bill should also help simplify the system and improve operational efficiency,” Mr. Leblanc said. “With 535 different public transit tickets in Greater Montréal, the system has become too complex. Plus, the current system prevents alignment between modes of public transit that fall under different authorities, which users complain about regularly. Clearer accountability will make it possible to operate systems to better reflect user needs.”

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The Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal is made up of over 7,000 members. Its mission is to be the voice of Montréal’s business community and to promote the city’s prosperity. It is involved in key areas of economic development, advocating a philosophy of action based on engagement, credibility, proactivity, collaboration, and innovation. The Board of Trade also offers a range of specialized services to individuals and to businesses of all sizes to support them in their growth at home and abroad.


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