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QUEBEC 2010 STRATEGIC FOCUS progress report


QUEBEC 2010 STRATEGIC FOCUS progress report

Montreal, February 22, 2011 – “Individuals and businesses cannot prosper sustainably in an environment where the economic and social players are not assured of the conditions necessary for both economic development and social cohesion being put in place”. It was in this spirit that the QUEBEC 2010 STRATEGIC FOCUS reflection process was launched last year which culminates today with the presentation of the progress report.

As explained by Mr. Marcel Côté, Founding Partner of SECOR, QUEBEC 2010 STRATEGIC FOCUS is a strategic reflection that involved two major conferences, held in Montreal and Quebec City, as well as numerous meetings of the two advisory committees. The reflection was also enriched by a steady stream of research by SECOR staff which was inspired by best practises seen elsewhere, by comparing Quebec with seven regions or countries on a multitude of indicators and facets.

This exercise of reflection on the challenges facing Quebec society had in view giving business people and their successors the tools necessary to implement the strategy presented to them today. “Our ultimate objective was to mobilize the decision-makers of Quebec’s business community, to collectively build a Quebec with a wealth of knowledge and energies. We can say ‘mission accomplished’”, stated Mr. Marcel Côté.

Quebec’s Strategy

Gathered at a luncheon held at the Montreal Bonaventure Hilton, the business people present were acquainted with the details of Quebec’s strategy, as described by Marcel Côté. Revisiting the three short term priorities central to the reflection process - Knowledge and Skills, Role of the Government and Public Finance, Natural Resources and Energy – Marcel Côté described the three strategic orientations that have emerged from meetings in Montreal and Quebec.

  • Knowledge and Skills: Reinforce the value placed on education throughout society
  • Role of the Government and Public Finance: Rethinking the role of Government in the context of the 21st century
  • Natural Resources and Energy: Exploiting opportunities offered by Quebec’s potential

Beyond the three short term priorities that participants focused on, they also had the opportunity to formulate proposals and suggestions in respect of three workshops to be developed (Entrepreneurship, Territorial Equilibrium, Globalization).

  • Entrepreneurship: Encourage and develop the strong growth of Quebec enterprises
  • Territorial Equilibrium: Create the conditions needed to make Montreal a dynamic metropolis and ensure harmonious development of all of Quebec's territory
  • Globalization: Promote the benefits of a more open and diversified society and economy

“We have identified six priority areas. Economic conditions might justify others. But make no mistake - our economic challenges are structurally rooted in these areas. It is now up to business to operate effectively in this framework for action”, emphasized Marcel Côté.

Commitments of the Business Community

The innovative aspect of the QUEBEC 2010 STRATEGIC FOCUS reflection process also lies in the commitments made by the business community in regard to implementing the short term priorities of Quebec's strategy.
In the Entrepreneurship field, François Côté, President of TELUS Québec and TELUS Health, has committed to more concretely supporting the emergence of a new generation of builders.  “We want to play a leading role with our partners for developing Quebec SMEs and their entrepreneurs, which will generate wealth in turn. TELUS wants to promote businesses here that will drive tomorrow's economy to create a winning Quebec”, added François Côté.

In the opinion of Michel Leblanc, President and Chief Executive Officer, Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, “despite an altogether robust economic performance during the recession, Quebec seems hesitant. We need a committed business community that is a testimony of its success. We need to inspire the boldness and vision of our great entrepreneurs. The Strategic Focus has given the Board the opportunity to reiterate its commitment to mobilizing the business community and to stimulate the transition to action”.

Marcel Côté welcomes the participation of hundreds of business people in the reflection process and their decisions to commit to implementing, in their respective fields of competence, the orientations and plans of action from workshops in Montreal and Quebec City. “The Strategic Focus invites the Quebec business community to launch a new revolution to address today’s challenges. But this revolution will only have meaning and reality if it is supported by a commitment from the business world. This is the ultimate goal of the Strategic Focus exercise, which today has entered its phase of execution”, Mr. Marcel Côté emphasized.

In conclusion, Marcel Côté recalled that the QUEBEC 2010 STRATEGIC FOCUS staff has a monitoring tool, in the form of a scorecard, to observe the development of Quebec’s performance. “We will measure the degree of this new revolution’s success in productivity growth that results, productivity being the measure of economic performance of a society”, concluded Marcel Côté.


Quebec 2010 Strategic Focus is an initiative led by Quebec's business community to propose potential solutions to the major challenges facing Quebec.

To carry out this initiative, SECOR is surrounded by several partners Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Mouvement Desjardins, TELUS, PwC, BCF, Pfizer, the Ministère du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation) and enjoys the support of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, the Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec, the Regroupement des Jeunes chambres de commerce du Québec, the Chambre de commerce de Québec, the magazine Chefs d’entreprises, Québec International and the daily newspapers La Presse and Le Soleil.


Oona Stock
Partner and Head of Strategic Focus, SECOR
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Development Manager, SECOR
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