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Press release: We should no longer tolerate this kind of unbridled unionism

We should no longer tolerate this kind of unbridled unionism
- is a strong intervention from Quebec needed at the MUCTC?
Pierre Laferrière, president, Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal

Montreal, February 4, 2000 – “Once again, MUCTC union members are holding the population hostage by disrupting public transportation and using public property, in this case, buses for private militant ends. This type of unbridled unionism, reminiscent of the excessive tactics used by Montreal and Verdun blue collar workers, can no longer be tolerated by our society,” stated Pierre Laferrière, the president of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal.

“It is totally unacceptable that employees belonging to a working class that already enjoys some of the best working conditions should disrupt Montreal's economic and social activities, and particularly the lives of the less affluent, who use public transportation. And all this to preserve or increase privileges that were extracted in the past through much the same extreme tactics.”

“If the MUCTC cannot counter the reprehensible actions of union members, then the Quebec government should intervene and put an end to these unacceptable pressure tactics that unjustly assail the citizens of Greater Montreal. Rigorous legislative intervention should be contemplated immediately,” concluded Mr. Laferrière.

The Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal has more than 7 000 members. Its mission is to be the leading group representing the interests of the Greater Montreal business community.  The objectives are to maintain, at all times, relevance to its membership, credibility towards the public and influence towards government and decision-makers.



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